Sam hear the creaking getting louder. SamSam hear the creaking getting louder. Sam

Sam and Dean Winchester have always wanted a normal life. But with their mom dead, and their dad always gone hunting monsters and ghost Dean is always having to take care of his little brother Sam. Soon they grow up and Sam goes off to university to become a lawyer. And his brother Dean starts hunting like his father. But soon Dean is unable to get ahold of his dad. In a panic Dean rushes to his brothers university to let him know their father is missing and hasn’t contacted them in awhile. Dean sneaks into Sam’s dorm room trying to be quite as possible, but the old creaking floor wakes Sam up. He hops out of bed to go check out what’s going on. As he walked past the kitchen he could hear the creaking getting louder. Sam grabs his baseball bat ready to hit anything that comes his way. Out jumps Dean as he swung the bat Dean was fast enough to duck. ” what are you doing here?’ Sam asks, ” dads away on a hunting trip and hasn’t called in months” Dean said with a little shake in his voice. The room filled with silence, so quiet you could hear the dogs from a few blocks down barking. ” i’ve been calling around with some buddies dad has been last seen with but they all told me the same story” Dean said. ” well what’s the story?”  Sam asked knowing he’ll get the same story he’d always get when his dad was away and hasn’t called in a few months. ” They said he left with a couple of guys he hunted with on a previous hunt but they seemed a little fishy and weird” -Dean, ” so what you’re trying to say here is that dad missing again isn’t how it used to be?”, Dean sat there in silence trying to collect his thoughts, ” look i think we should head out go on a few hunts and see if we find anything of dads” -Dean. ” no i can’t go i need to finish university, i said i wasn’t going to join the life of hunting” -Sam. The sun was starting to rise and it’s almost time for sam to go back to class but Dean is still sitting on the dirty couch waiting for his little brother to say yes. ” i’m not leaving until you say yes, we need to do this for dad”-Dean. ” what has dad ever done for me? Knowing that you’re his favorite son” Sam said in a angered voice. The lights started to flicker, wind started blowing crazy. The smell of sulfur filled the room. ” we need to go Sam!” Dean yelled. The boys ran out of the dorm room down to Dean’s 1967 impala. They drove away as the sound of the tires screeching on the pavement. ” the last place dad has been seen was in Nebraska, we should go there first and ask if they noticed anything strange happening” -Dean. You could start to see the sun rise over top of the rolling hills, rain drops from the previous night rainstorm gently ran down the windows, as Sam looked out. ” Nebraska 20 miles away” Dean said looking at Sam knowing he won’t say anything or talk to him the rest of the drive. First stop they stopped at was a old rusty bar that smelt like mold and rotten food. ” This is agent Baker and i’m agent Mood, we’re here to ask a few questions about this man. His name is John Winchester” Dean asked the long faced man. ” he came in here about a few days ago asking about the lady that recently died from a wild animal attack” The man said. Sam stood back while he watched his brother ask the man a few questions not wanting to get involved with any of it. ” thanks for your time sir” Dean said walking away. ” So what did he say” sam asked. ” a lady died a few days ago from a wild animal attack and dad was asking a few questions about her, the guy gave me the adress to the lady’s house, we could talk to her husband and ask if dad talked to him at all” Dean said. They drove through town looking for the address the man gave him. ” doesn’t this seem a little strange to you?’ Sam asked. Dean ignored him as he kept driving down a long dirt road that looked like it would keep going on forever. They ended up at an old farm that look pretty run down. They searched the whole farm looking for the lady’s husband but no one was found. Suddenly a loud bang came from one of the barns, ” Did that sound like someone was screaming for help?” dean asked his brother, ” it sure did, maybe it’s dad?” the boys run quickly to the barn to find their dad tied to a chair. ” We need to get out of here no time for a conversation” their dad said. They untied him but when they were about to get out of the barn the doors slammed shut. ” Azazel is here” – John, with the brothers and john’s power they were able to hold down Azazel for as long as possible so they had enough time to get to the car. They started up the car and drove away. ” i thought we weren’t going to be able to find you” dean said to his dad, Sam sat in the back minding his own business not saying a word to his brother or dad. ” look Sam you’re going to have to be able to forgive dad, it’s all about forgiving” Dean said to his brother. ” I will some day but today isn’t the day i’ll forgive him” Sam said.