Several doesn’t believe they’re guilty but heSeveral doesn’t believe they’re guilty but he

Several months later in the jail
The day before John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse and 10 others are to be hanged
The trial has put Danforth and Paris in a tough situation
Already hanged a lot of people so they can’t turn back 
So many of the villangers are dead or in jail that cows wander trough the streets and no one knows whom they belong to
Abigail -> stole all the Reverend Paris’s money and run away
Faction of the townspeople have turned against the trials and don’t believe in them anymore 
This day -> turning point in the trials -> first day that important people with good reputations in the town are going to be hanged 
Reverend Hale tries to get them to confess -> he doesn’t believe they’re guilty but he feels responsible for the trials and thinks it will be his fault if any of them die 
If they confess he thinks they won’t be hanged 
Danforth and Paris would like to see some confessions too -> that would prove that the trials were justified 
But so far no one will confess 
Danforth and Paris decide to let Elizabeth talk to John Proctor to see if she can get him to confess
Proctos’s not sure what to do he doesn’t see himself as a good man since he committed adultery and then was afraid at first so speak out against Abigail to stop the trials
He thinks he would be fakings if he wents to his death like a martyr 
Since he’s bad he might as well live and try to help his family 
He calls in Danforth and admits that he worked for Satan but when Danforth asks him to name some of Satan’s other helpers he won’t do it
Hale and Paris persuade Danforth to accept the confession anyway 
When Danforth gives the confession to Proctor to sign he  can’t sign it 
He was able to lie and give up his soul but if he signs it and they nail it to the church door he’s given up his name which is the last thing he has 
His children will suffer from his disgrace so he rips up the confession and feels like he’s found some googness in himself
He’s executed but he dies happier than before 
The afterword of the play notes that the power of theocracy government by the church is essentially broken after this