Shipbuilding forced to adapt to the changing

Shipbuilding is a complex process. Different principles and different work teams need to work together. Making a ship is like making a city. Different management styles can be used in these projects, but there are methods that are considered fundamental in the world market.

There are many shipyards in the shipbuilding industry around the world. Although their work areas are different, all shipyards are competing as a result of the local and global crisis.

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If the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology is used in the management of a military project and shipyard, it can proceed more organized and planned according to the timetable. The Turkish shipyards undoubtedly need this planning and management. These shipyards are forced to adapt to the changing world and need more project management than ever before.


Traditional shipbuilding management and techniques are used in Turkish shipbuilding industry. As a result of these delays, many shipyards are subject to fines.


Shipbuilding is a very old industry in Turkey, but in this tradition, project management has unfortunately gained importance over the last 6 years.


The main objective of this project is to reduce the time period of a ship repair project by using project management methods and investigating its differences, results and benefits, especially in time planning.


With the results of this thesis, better project management and organization can be accomplished by eliminating deficiencies in military project management. As a result, by setting up the work & time balance, you can organize the timeline and provide more efficient work. The project can be delivered without delay as a result of this study.


In this thesis project, the military project in the shipbuilding industry will be examined with the principles of time management project and it will show the effects of these principles.

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