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Since the beginning of the school year, my quality of writing has greatly improved. Looking back upon my earliest writing, I can target distinct areas of improvement, in both my writing process and the quality of my writing. There are specific points on the “English Rubric” that I will focus on improving next semester.Using the rubric to reflect on my writing, I can now see that I needed to focus more on addressing the topic, commentary, and evidence. My ability to address the topic with a strong claim has become much more defined since my first essays. In those, I had feedback such as “is this your claim?”, and “doesn’t really prove anything”. In my more recent writing assignments, I have received no such feedback. My goal is to continue to craft strong claims in my future essays by first analyzing all parts of the prompt. The next section of the rubric is commentary which focuses on analysis.  In “Summer Reading”, I received the comment “Need specific statements”, and in “The Odyssey”, the response was “Needs more analysis”. These comments show that my paragraphs need to relate more clearly back to the claim, which is one of my goals for next semester. Evidence is another rubric category that needs some work, with the comments “”Importance, go deeper”, and “Why is this important?” Seeing these, in my future essays, I will be sure to make each paragraph directly relate back to the claim, and each sentence relate to its paragraph with relevant evidence and thorough analysis. My writing process, under perfect conditions, consists of prewriting, drafting, and then revising. However, under a limited amount of time, my prewriting stage is often rushed. I feel pressured to write because I do not want to run out of time. This leads to me spending more time writing than I would if I had just written out an outline. Reflecting upon this, it is my goal to expand more on the prewriting stage and make a strong outline or word map. The next phase of the writing process, drafting, often takes the longest, due to me pausing to think of new evidence. This stage would be much easier if I dedicated more time to prewriting. Revising, the final stage, is often cut short because I spend too much time drafting. It is also much more difficult when using a pen and paper, reducing my ability to insert more evidence. On the other hand, when I am at home, I can spend much more time prewriting. I usually have a full outline before I start drafting, and then spend many more days revising, often completely rewriting my paper. One of my goals it to make my in-class writing much more similar to my at-home writing, in both efficiency and thoroughnessIn conclusion, I can clearly see the strengths and weaknesses in my writing. In hindsight, I understand how my writing process needs to be more focused on prewriting and revising, and less on drafting. Using our rubric, I can target different categories that I need to spend more time on, specifically “addressing the topic” and “commentary”.