So bit of real life history falling

So exactly which events is Martin trying
to hint when it comes to the Faith of the Seven? If we are to carefully analyze
The Game of Thrones, we can tell that
Martin hints several real life historical events. The show draws on numerous
parts of history; Martin has said that he was especially impacted by the Wars
of the Roses – a battle for the throne of England that occurred in the late
medieval period. With the presentation of the Sparrows, a religious development
inside the Faith of the Seven drove by the prudent High Sparrow; Game of
Thrones has seen another bit of real life history falling into place.

Addressing Entertainment Weekly, Martin really expounded on how the Sparrows
and their quick ascent to control in King’s Landing was propelled by the
Protestant Reformation of Catholic Europe in the sixteenth century. Martin
depicts the Sparrows as an adaptation of the medieval Catholic Church, with an
additional fantasy twist. In the interview he goes on to say that if we were to
look back at the historical backdrop of the church in the Middle Ages, you can
easily see the periods where you had common and degenerate popes and bishops; individuals
who were not profound, but rather were lawmakers. They were playing their own
particular form of The Game of Thrones, and were sleeping with kings and
rulers. However, you also had times of religious restoration—the best of them
being the Protestant Reformation, which prompted the separation of church and
state; where there were a few opponent popes each reproving alternate as real.

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That is what you see happening in Westeros. The two past High Septons we’ve
seen, the first was extremely degenerate in his own specific manner, and was
torn apart by the crowd amid the sustenance riots in season 2. The one Tyrion
delegates in his stead is less degenerate, however is insufficient. Cersei
questions him since Tyrion delegated him. So now she needs to manage a militant
and hostile Protestant Reformation.

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