So time to learn things by themselves,So time to learn things by themselves,

So you want to start your own SEO agency? This is how you do it.First, you must believe in yourself.The second thing to do to create your own SEO agency is to find out who is making a lot of ads on Google AdWords, using SEMrush and how much money you spend on ads every month.This will give you an idea of ??how much money a company has.If you spend $ 500,000 a month or $ 1 million or $ 200,000, chances are good that they can pay you for SEO.You do not want to pursue those who spend half a million or a million a month because those guys are big organizations.You want to persecute those who spend 20, 30 thousand a month.Now that you understand who to turn to, the third step is to start your SEO agency and send an email to these companies.Another strategy is to use Crunchbase.List all the companies that have recently been funded, their assessments, how much money they have collected.When these companies raise $ 4 or $ 5 million and hit them and their investors, tell them what they’re doing wrong and how you can help solve the problem.Investors never want to know that a company they have just funded is ruining.Then you know they are going to forward the email.The investor will not spend time or energy to solve the problem, but will make sure the problem is solved.The investor will go directly to the person who manages the company.Contain nothing when sending these emails.If these companies have $ 5 million, they will not take the time to learn things by themselves, they will pay the person who has just described their problems to solve them.Do you want to charge five thousand dollars a month for someone who has raised $ 50 million or $ 5 million?They do not care; It’s a drop in the cube.The interesting part about this is that you did not go to the marketing manager or even the company’s CEO; You went to the people who were funding those people.So, money is guaranteed.And if those investors do well, they will tell all the companies in their portfolio: “Hey, this guy did this for one of my investments”. You should also hire it for your business. “And this is an excellent way to get it.Here you go, here’s how to start your SEO agency.Be sure to leave a comment and your questions below. Every Thursday we will do Q & A every Thursday.Whenever you need help with any marketing issues, whether you are starting an agency or if you are a founder, entrepreneur or marketer, or anyone interested in entering the field, I do not care what your qualifications are, how many Hai money, we are here to help you, so feel free to leave a comment.