Social and becoming slowly a narcissistic wellSocial and becoming slowly a narcissistic well

Social media is something that has to been affecting drastically our society, it’s making people be afraid of how they wake up in the morning, extreme pressure on looking “imperfect.” This has been influenced for years now, but now we are clearly starting to get affected by what some people like to call… The rebirth of the narcissistic peak.The narcissistic peak has affected the world during two completely different eras, The French revolution era, and the millennial era. This has only happened twice in the history we know as a “peak” because at the time off of the French revolution the first and second state were rich, and they could buy excessive amounts clothing and accessories. They used a lot of makeup, even men were obsessed with looking at themselves on any reflective surface.The peak during the millennial era has been on-going since the first glance at new technology and its development throughout ages. We have started a new peak with the improvement of technology and the birth of social media. Social media has been misused within the past few years some of us have learned to use it incorrectly, by overexposing ourselves and becoming slowly a narcissistic well being.According to what I’ve looked into, Frequent posting, loads of selfies, overexposing our bodies, becoming obsessed with how we look, are all signs of growing narcissism. Do you experience one? Just by being born within the years (1980 – 2000+s) many links it to… The millennial age, generation Y, it doesn’t matter how you call it. What matters now is how it has been showing the growth of narcissism, this generation has been proved to have a bigger influence on obsession on themselves and wants to get that clear to everyone surrounding them.Have you seen the change? “Millennials are hungrier and more well-educated than any generation in history, and they understand technology,” said Challenger. “They are knocking at the door of people sitting in comfy positions and that’s where the negativity comes from—a real place of insecurity.” Source: CNBC, Are Millennials Entitled To Be Narcissistic? We have been shown to the world both sides to what the Y generation is getting up against. So, Why is the X generation so worried about what the generation Ymay do? Well, It’s true that they have supported so much to the improvement on technology and advances, but why to waste all the hard work on trying to make a society based on being perfect and giving narcissistic ideas to all social media users.Do millennials really need to post a roll of pictures of themselves selves throughout the whole day? Is it really worth it? Millennials have the power of social media platforms in the palm of their hands, Yet some of them are using this to become a narcissist well-being. Some signs of narcissism may be:1. Updating their profile picture every week.2.  Frequent posting of how they look during the transverse of the day.3. Changing outfits, because they are in need of higher self-steam.4. Looking, Checking themselves out on any contemplative surfaces.5. Overexposing their bodies because of how obsessed they are with their looks.Yet, another reason Generation X feels nervous? Millennials represent a much bigger group, and one that will be the majority in the work interface soon as more enter the job market and more baby boomers reach retirement age. By 2020, an estimated 46 percent of all U.S. workers will be millennials, said consultant Lindsey Pollak, author of “Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders.”There are two types of narcissists on the statements; The “offline” narcissist and the “online” narcissist. The offline meaning that they only stand out their character outside the media platforms, and the online stating that they live their narcissistic behavior during their posting and updates. The influence that many communicative media users have been spread has affected the 2014-2017 population. By any chance, we can see how the media may push younger girls to do intense, non-natural looking makeup, so they can be satisfied with how they look. Or young boys to start working out to look sculpted and have abs. All of this just so they gain the title of “perfection” throughout media. There has been an extensive increase in the use of social media, from being almost non-existent 15 years ago, influences are crucial, some people use informative media to seek attention or get self-promotion. We can now see that the platforms themselves are pushing society towards narcissism by giving us the rights, resources, and messages that may be pushing us towards what we don´t want to do. The social media bases such as; Youtube, Instagram, and Periscope are telling us to “broadcast yourself.” While Twitter is a platform to advertise what are you doing? Most people overuse this feature by actualizing every single action they do, posting pictures of their outfits, or maybe even excessive amounts of self-portraits. Apple merchandise is known for their signatures starting with an I such as; “iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac.” and many others.Even though, outstanding, narcissistic features can be denoted on the subject when they are considering themselves prettier than the last day. Making themselves think that by adjusting their habits into the trying to look perfect daily, but just for their sake, not for others.This doesn’t mean that the social media platforms are only intending to grow narcissism, social media can be remarkably beneficial.  Improving the social media use for better and not for worse may turn out to be way further useful. Stating this out may make people turn their backs against narcissism and become a better-taken attitude as a human.Narcissists are successful social media creators. They build connections to others and generate content. They may be annoying at times and have a small risk of Internet addiction, but the role that narcissistic individuals play in building social media networks may have helped create the massive social media we have today.We should be treating people the way that we want to be treated because by treating them rudely, telling them “Thank God I’ll be dead when all of you millennials are ruling this place.” and negative messages like these. We shall be trying to get them help and try to take their addiction from themselves away.