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Social Network Harassing our Young GenerationDid you know that social networks revolt, repulse and disgust most people including me.Social network is destroying our young generation and we are responsible.Our young generation now spends more time on social network than they do sleeping, 25% of smartphone owners who age between  18 to 44 say that they can’t recall the last time their phone was not next to them. It is affecting their health, their mentality and their entire life in a really disgraceful tragic way.I have solid evidence to support my statements.There is a horrifying story of a nineteen year-old Danny Bowman who tried to kill himself because he wasn’t satisfied with the quality of his selfies.The british teen spent up to ten hours each day taking photos of himself on his iphone. Sadly his addiction became so strong so he dropped out of school and retreated into his home for six months. This story represents the dark side of social network, where people have gone through, suffering, getting  hurt, experiencing anxiety, fear,depression and low self-esteem. Ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys we all know that young people, often are public with their personal information with strangers. That’s because most young people don’t read privacy policies and may be unaware that their information may be used by others, like advertisers and many other things. That’s  because social networking sites encourage people to be more public with their personal lives in a really clever technique which makes us feel that social network is really safe for example 25% OF FACEBOOK USERS DON’T BOTHER WITH PRIVACY SETTINGS.Life Before Social Networking and after:Before social media….  Mobile phones were mostly used to talk and for sending messages only.After social media….  Mobile phones are increasingly being used to access social networking sites and update their status messages, especially on Facebook and Twitter.Before social media…. People were physically social, they were meeting other people personally and communicating with them.After social media…. People have become virtually social, they are meeting other people on social networks, rather than meeting them personally.Before social media…. School going children were more into outdoor activities.After social media…. children prefer staying back at home to access social networks, rather than activities .Before social media…. An average person was not too keen in sharing his likes and dislikes with the world.After social media…. social networking  encouraged an average person to share his likes and dislikes openly with the world.Before social media…. Businesses were focused on using only traditional advertising like TV,  newspapers to advertise their products or services.After social media…. Businesses products or services are getting promoted and advertised by social network.Before social media…. Celebrities relied hugely on their PR agents to publicize their brand image.After social media…. Celebrities are increasingly using social networks to keep in touch with their fans and publicize their image.Before social media….Employees spent less time online at offices during working hours .After social media…. Companies where social networking sites are allowed to access, their employees use more time online during working hours.Before social media….  Friends and relatives were wished on special occasions like birthdays through telephones, messages and greeting cards.After social media….  Friends and relatives are wished on special occasions only through social networking sites by text message only.All of these changes that happened from social network makes our you generation experience anxiety, fear, depression and low self-esteem.All of us know, that all these problems are caused by a known, contagious disease called the social media which is really harmful. So we should all try to contribute and try to stop it from spreading.Social network is a major distraction which is caused in our everyday lives. Most of us can’t live an hour without checking for updates and new messages which is distracting us from important things in our lives and we can’t control ourselves.  We should all collaborate, we should all use social network wisely and we should all stop getting  addicted to to social network, which might affect our entire  life and destroy it. We need to collude, we need to cooperate and we need to change the world;we are the heroes.