Some electronics, Walmart has it all. AnotherSome electronics, Walmart has it all. Another

Some of the stocks that I primarily purchased included seven shares of Chipotle, eleven shares from Walmart, two stocks in Google (because it’s expensive), one stock in Amazon (because it’s expensive like Google), fifteen shares of an oil company, fourteen shares from a water company, and more shares from a few other companies that I don’t remember. At first, Chipotle was my number one company that brought in the most money. That was until a few weeks later and it became my worst company to invest in. When I eventually dropped Chipotle, I asked my friend from another school what I should invest in. Since his school was doing a game similar to ours, he gave me some advice. He said I should invest in PHV and Tesla. So that’s exactly what I did. Both of those companies ended up bringing me up a few places on the leaderboard. Too bad it wasn’t enough for the win. All of my investments were long term investments. My first investment was Chipotle. It started out doing great. Increased my stocks by about a hundred dollars. It made sense because chipotle has become a very popular place to eat. One day it started to drop. It didn’t drop too much though. I was not concerned until a few weeks later when I lost a few hundred dollars. That’s when I knew it was time to let  the company go; So I did. Turns out that the restaurant goes down in sales this time of year.Another stock that I invested in was Walmart. Walmart was fairly constant in gaining money. There were very few days when the stocks for the superstore was down. Over all it made me roughly a hundred dollars. Black friday really helped boost sales as well. Walmart sells all kinds of items. From food to clothes to electronics, Walmart has it all. Another investment made was in Amazon. Amazon is an online trading site that sells just about any item on the market. I did some research on this company and found out the reason they have better sales than walmart is because they sell sex toys (as odd as that sounds). Another reason Amazon is popular is because it has become so much easier to buy online. You don’t have to go anywhere and the item comes to you. Overall, this stock has got me around three hundred dollars. Google is another stock that I had a long term investment in. with Google, I gained at least two hundred dollars in stocks. Google is an all around way to get things done in life. For example, i’m using Google docs to type this essay. It is also used for email and other business properties. Over all, the only stock that made me lose money was Chipotle. I’m glad I kept the rest. I wouldn’t change anything except Chipotle. I noticed that during black friday, my stocks were at the highest. You do not need to buy stocks and bonds to retire but it could be a big plus. An alternative to stock market retirement would be social security checks from the government. After playing the stock market game, I learned that I could be making quite a bit of money if I invest in the right stocks. I might just do that too.