Sometimes the right station. For me joiningSometimes the right station. For me joining

Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station. For me joining Accenture after graduating as Mechanical Engineer from MVSR Engineering College, affiliated to Osmania University, is like catching wrong train, however, it took me to the right station by helping me to find my fascination for robotics and machines with brains. Now I, vamshi kumar Bogoju, has decided to pursue my Master’s in the field of Robotics and Autonomous systems.
The story about the birth of my fascination towards robotics, human-robot interaction and autonomous machines starts at my work place – Accenture, Bengaluru. After graduation in May 2016, I had no job offers from any company of my domain (Mechanical Engineering) except Accenture, which is in no way related to my major. So as I had no other option I joined Accenture halfheartedly within next 2 months. Being a mechanical engineer I was disinterested in working as software engineer instead I was interested in machines. But destiny had got other plans for me. There was a robotics lab situated beside my work station, where the robots are automated and can interact with humans. On the other hand I started learning automation, programming and started working on it because of my workplace demands. As a result gradually I started developing interest towards intelligent machines.
Personally I am an introvert due to the bad past I had because of separation of my parents, financial and family issues. Deep inside me I have always missed a companion to who I can share talk and play with. Gradually on other hand machines have been becoming my friends. When I found the fascination towards autonomous machines. I felt why not have a robot operated by Artificial Intelligence as my friend who can stand with me any situation. I have developed an emotional attachment with Robotics and autonomous systems/machines.
Besides fascination on my field of interest. I do have fair experience working with the machines during my projects in under graduation. Such as during second year of engineering I have done a project on kinematics of machines, here I have created a miniature machine which converts one type of motion into another. Due to this project I have acquired the minimum prior knowledge how the internal mechanisms of a robot work. Later in the final year of my under graduation I have taken up a challenging Ph.D. project as my final project – “Analysis on Spinning by Using Double Radii Tool” and accomplished it. This accomplishment propelled me to take up the challenges and push my limits.
Likewise I have acquired some amount of knowledge about the basics of automation. During my initial days of employment at Accenture I have learnt the programming –Java, Sql in training. Later I have used the acumen I gained in training to work on the automation using the tools like Selenium, Protractor and Appium for a period of 1 year .I have worked on Test automation to test the softwares and mobile apps of  different platforms like iOS, Android. By working at Accenture I had not only acquired technical wisdom by learning and working on new technologies but also my interpersonal, organizational skills have been improved to great extent.
Owing to my fascination to robotics and autonomous systems/machines, prior knowledge, experience with machines and automation, I have decided to impel my career in the direction of field of robotics by working on innovative technologies like Autonomous robot learning on their own using machine learning, robots interacting with humans, industrial robots. One such idea which I am keen to work in future by end my Master’s is restaurant operated by automated machines and robots. Here instead of chefs and waiters autonomous robots will be operating. This require amalgamation of the fields like “AI, robotics, machine learning, human-robot interaction and AI planning. Currently, I am learning the pre requisites for robotics through “Coursera” and working on one of my own ideas – A robot which assists the old age people with low perception.