Span depends on the planning of characterSpan depends on the planning of character

Span of control


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The span of control is the no executive in the organization should be required to supervise more subordinates than he can effectively manage. An executive should be asked to supervise a reasonable number of subordinates.

Use of span of control in work: its important to think about span of control in their organization. The foundation to limiting spread of direction need for the range of labor and natural limitation of the manager to manage a certain number of people so that the method could be effective.

It depends on the planning of character and there is no exclusively same planning to   product ,the  planning  and decision was carried out by the manager or higher authority and followed by the labor. Recommended span of control range between 5 to 10 helper and in certain situations, sometimes it can be even greater. The manager should be answerable to the higher authority for each every action in organization. The manager should have clear relationship with subordinates

The structure of Samsung is centralized as lower managers are components and they do not have the authority to make any species of choice .The department organization with CEO is commanding officer for whole organization spread all over the world and the multiple level senior management taking the departments. Moreover the lower level manager does not stand for planning and decision. Samsung also adopt in quality of purchasing including stake holder.  The division of work is based on the functioning and production of the organization .Samsung has huge degree of span of control ,this kind of span control cover the entire organization all over the world. This kind of span of control make the worker to do the necessary work for them and it also help work not to be misguided, this chain of command flow from highest level management to the lower level . This type departmentalization make close to customer on their product. The span of control number worker working under single manager.


In Sony Company

All Sony group of the company, subsidiary or related company. The Corprate court relies on their Management. More over Directors’ Officers of Sony Corporation bring that power, as well as ensure and regulate rules for imitation, and create risk for Sony’s erroneous or defamatory nature. The Sony groups are in the area they are responsible for each action and answarble to CEO .The Corporate Executive Officer in charge of appointing and a new regional manager to promote and establishment to find out decision or marketing problem on their gro