Statement GDP, Foreign Currency depreciation/appreciation and its

Statement of Interest

Mohamed Sayed

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Today’s post recession era has
been extremely cruel to aspiring graduates looking to launch a career in the
Capital Markets; especially candidates who haven’t got degrees from the “Top
three” universities. This is however the reality that we all face and
especially for new immigrants here in Canada. However, I’m not giving up on
seeking a career in financial services, and following my passion. My long-term
career goal is to combine fundamental and quantitative analysis effectively by
becoming a Quantitative Equities Analyst. I believe the returns can be
exploited effectively from both combination – Quants: through mechanism such as
Multi-Linear Regression, Time Series Analysis, Correlation, helping to predict
returns and relationships – and – Fundamentally: via reclassification and
adjustments to operating expenses that impact EBIT for example; upside cash
flow projections characterised by strong historical earnings growth and
combination of low levels inflation.


My knowledge and interest in
this field has been fuelled by my 2 years experience working as a Financial
Data Analyst in the Oil & Gas industry. In Egypt, I was told by everyone
that engineering and medicine were the only options to a successful life. Feeling
safety in numbers and coming from one of the top Gas producing countries,
petroleum engineering was a logical choice. In 2008, I was diagnosed with a
severe condition, it was a very sad period in my life and for my family. I
couldn’t see a future for myself anymore that took a toll on my performance and
my social life. Thankfully, I survived with a burning desire to make up for
lost time and fought hard to achieve my dreams. My post-graduate degree in
economics, was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I wanted to understand the macroeconomic
(inflation, real GDP, Foreign Currency depreciation/appreciation and its impact
on imports, imports etc.) and microeconomic factors firms encounter and operate
in, and how these impact upon their performance, perceptions of investors and
other capital markets participants.


            In a
nutshell, I am simply and individual who took the unconventional route of
gaining commercial exposure to the business world, consequently allowing me to
obtain a better understanding of what drives me and how to correlate with my
life goals and visions. The blue print for my vision is based on a short-term
five year plan, medium-term ten year plan and long-term twenty-five year plan.
I’m now officially in phase two and I believe McMaster will be the instrumental
fulcrum for both my professional success and personal relationships I would


The opportunity to study Masters of Financial
Mathematics at McMaster University will further develop and build upon my
existing knowledge because of the environment and intellectual ethos fostered,
as well as the international and well diversified environment on offer where
social and intellectual challenges are present, thus further developing and
enhancing my analytical and logical mind-set. I cannot reiterate enough what
admission into McMaster to study Financial Mathematics would mean, or even
begin to quantify the magnitude of a favorable decision.


In other words, my chosen course of study is my gateway
towards career enhancement and professional fulfilment. I firmly believe that McMaster
is where I would be nurtured and elevated into a different class technically,
intellectually, and professionally, due to the facilities (the library for
instance is adapted and conducive to fostering academic excellence – and I have
personal experience of this as I am a Public Member), distinct quality of
teaching, and last but not the least, the population of intelligent and well
diversified students carefully selected by this highly respectable institution,
most of whom are passionate about their future careers, thus allowing for the
exchange of ideas and views that could only be beneficial for all parties.
These are my reasons for my application to study at McMaster, in addition to
competitively placing myself as a top candidate for venerated Investment Funds,
Private Equity firms, and Securities Research firms via thoroughly honed skills
and proficiencies fine-tuned through rigorous examinations, research projects,
and technical training undergone at McMaster, as well as long-term
relationships built at McMaster.


In concluding, I want to thank the Admission’s committee
for taking the time to consider my application, and I hope the information I
have relayed would be sufficient in demonstrating my academic ability, and my
enthusiasm to be a part of your prestigious academic institution as a Masters

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