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MTN / Kauai is the combined release of the seventh mixtape and second extended
play (EP) by American recording artist Donald Glover, under his stage name
Childish Gambino. This mixtape was released on October 2, 2014 as a free
download from DatPiff, and then the Kauai EP was available the following day
through online music stores by Glassnote Records. They are each viewed as
double sides of an idea collection that are brought together by a strong story

who contributed to the mixtape include Donald Glover himself, as well as Nick
Banga, Big Soj, Ludwig Göransson, Chris Hartz, Tim Suby, and Zaytoven.

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 On October 5, 2014, fans on Reddit discovered
a hidden a cappella verse on one of Donald Glover’s websites. It was confirmed
by Gambino that the verse syncs up with the instrumental portion of “V.
3005 (Beach Picnic Version)”.

 While STN MTN is free, the returns from the
sales of Kauai are committed to keeping up and protecting Kauai island, which
the second 50% of the EP is named after. The letters STN MTN are a shortening
of Glover’s main residence, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

MTN is an concept mixtape where Glover is snoozing envisioning he “ran
Atlanta”, with tunes based off modern southern hip hop. The mixtape closes
with Glover arising from this fantasy on the Hawaiian island, Kauai. Kauai is
an concept EP. Dissimilar to STN MTN, Kauai concentrates on subjects, for
example, love, wistfulness and enthusiasm, utilizing PBR&B. A melody from
the EP Kauai, “Retro Rough”, depends on Gambino’s prior tune,
“Love Is Crazy” including Eugene Cordero, from his mixtape Sick Boi..

MTN / Kauai has received generally positive reviews. DJ Booth gave the project
a 4.7/5 stars, calling it “a cohesive project… it’s Gambino so there
will be at least some depth to make a follow up review worth while.” Zach
Dionne of Complex gave a positive review saying that “In a couple songs,
he flies us there, thousands of miles away from Atlanta, to see for ourselves.”

 Kauai appeared at number 18 on the Billboard
200, offering 16,000 sales in its first week. The following week, the EP rose
to number 16 on the chart, offering 19,000 sales, bringing the total to 35,000
copies. In its third week, the EP dropped down to number 46 on the chart,
offering 7,000 sales, bringing the aggregate collection deals to 42,000 sales.