Storms hard, merciless, torrential. The trees didStorms hard, merciless, torrential. The trees did


Storms brewed on the emotionless horizon
promising nothing but winds to level even the mightiest of trees. Torrential
rain poured down in icy sheets like needles upon my face. The wind didn’t howl,
it screamed. The rain was not falling: it was driven, hard, merciless,
torrential. The trees did not sway, they creaked, bent and moaned as their fine
limbs were ripped away and their autumnal leaves became not confetti, but
ammunition in the gale.

A car came out of nowhere and drove right
through a puddle that was doing a very good impression of a miniature
lake. I was jolted out of my reverie and was dazed and drenched to the

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Now I had to spend the entire day like this. The
added weight of the water was enough to drop my emotions to a new low. I packed
my umbrella away; no need for that, now that I’m soaked. The outline of the
school was barely visible even within its proximity. It’s church-like structure
loomed over the rest of the surrounding buildings, as if it was wanting to make
its presence known.

I opened the gate to find the vast area eerily
quiet. Silence – well apart from the heavy rain bouncing back from the ground. As
if afraid of it. I crossed the grounds to the entrance where the sounds of life
emerged. The heavy bustling of the multitude of children leaked through the
open doors. I entered only to be slapped in the face by the warm heat of the

I walked into the years playroom, taking a
seat by the window. A thin coat of condensation lined the windows which I wiped
immediately. The power of the storm could be sensed, even from the safety
inside. It rattled the windows and shook the drips of condensation mimicking the
flow of rainfall.  This storm was
considered one of the worst to hit Britain in a long time. Warnings were sent
across the whole country ensuring everyone was prepared. This was only the
beginning though. The worst was yet to come…

The day passed like usual. The same old
struggle through the lessons with teacher’s whose sole purpose was to cram our
heads with useless ‘knowledge’. We were advised to stay inside during lunch, not
that it affected me. My lunch periods in school were passed in the corner
reading my books; losing myself to another world.

The weather was at breaking point during the
final lesson. It was as if god had found a new dial on the weather machine to
create havoc. The power had gone and the teacher struggled to maintain
everyone’s focus. Eventually giving up, he let us talk amongst each other. I
continued gazing out the window, imagining what the scene would be elsewhere;
other places which were worst hit. The storm had started a day ago, beginning
with a months’ worth of rainfall in just a few hours. Now the scene had changed

When we were dismissed from school, it seemed
a challenge to get home. Though the streets were completely deserted, the rain
punished us, the wind whipped and the cold bit our fingertips as we struggled
to maintain balance. Suddenly, a creaking sound, disguised by the wind, erupted
from the top of the school. Squinting my eyes, I looked against the rain, up at
the building to see a segment of the roof being curled away from the school. I
was effortlessly removed and flung like a puppet down onto the street. A few screams
emerged from the distance. I took this as a sign to hurry home, where I would
hopefully be safe from this mess.

Now opening the gate to return home. This was
not an eerie place but the chaos of children running to the safety of their mother’s
cars, the bus packed, fifty feet away from the entrance was havoc. I would have
to venture further than the shelter of transport as I was preparing myself for
the journey on foot.

The foam air pockets in the soles of my shoes were
quickly removed