STRATEGIC plan is a written document. ItSTRATEGIC plan is a written document. It


       The Canadian Medical Protective
Association (2015-2019)

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is a strategic plan and why it is required?

Strategic plan is a
written document. It is required to know the performance of an organization. To
minimize the errors, as well as to make any improvements in future it plays a
key component in the organization.

The Canadian
medical protective association was formed due to conflict between the physician
and a patient. It was negligence of patient to follow the instructions given by
the physician and he claimed as the mistake of physician, so to protect the
integrity of physicians this organization was established. At annual meeting of
the Canadian Medical Association in 1901, the
CMPA was founded and incorporated by an Act of Parliament on 27 February 1913
and given Royal Assent on 16 May 1913. On its 100th anniversary, the CMPA
published A History of the
Canadian Medical Protective Association 1901-2001.


The Canadian Medical Protective
Association is a membership-based, not-for-profit organization that provides
legal defence, liability protection, and risk management education for
physicians in Canada.

Headquarters: Ottawa

Executive Director / CEO: Hartley Stern


Type of business: Non-profit
organization / Special Act Corporation


Purpose: To
protect the professional integrity of physicians and promote safe medical care
in Canada



To protect the professional integrity of physicians
and promote safe medical care in Canada



The CMPA is valued as an essential component of Canadian
healthcare system



Mutuality: CMPA provides medical
liability protection to its members while, in turn, members are responsible to
their colleagues and to the Association to practise in a manner consistent with
the values of the medical profession. Members are also expected to act in
accordance with the existing obligations of the CMPA By-law and other
obligations determined by the Association’s member-elected Council.

The CMPA’s assistance is discretionary and it extends appropriate assistance
to members who experience medico-legal difficulties from their medical
professional work.

Ethical Defence: The CMPA provides
members with an appropriate and ethical defence and, in keeping with its
philosophy of “defending the defensible,” does not settle
unsubstantiated claims for expediency or economic reasons. However, if patients
are proven to have been harmed because of negligent medical care provided by a
CMPA member, those patients will be compensated in an appropriate manner. The
CMPA seeks to do this in as timely a manner as is feasible.

Safe Medical Care:
Within the context of a quality healthcare system and in collaboration
with others, the CMPA is committed to enhancing the safety of medical care.

 Service Excellence:
Through its physician-to-physician assistance model, the CMPA provides
its members with a broad range of relevant and high-quality services, in an
empathetic and non-judgmental manner. These services are available to members
in both English and French.

Stewardship: The CMPA operates in accordance with sound governance and management
practices. It prudently manages the resources entrusted to it and is committed
to optimizing the human potential of its valued workforce.



Strategic outcome #1 —
Assisting Physicians

Canadian physicians care for their patients, confident the
CMPA will effectively and efficiently protect their medical liability



1.      To protect members’
professional integrity so they can confidently care for patients. 
Canadian doctors keep on trusting the CMPA to give them high quality medical
liability protection, including counsel and, if required, lawful help,
resulting in issues from the professional practice of medicine.

2.      To assist physicians in
reducing their medical liability risk. This will be achieved by
educating members about appropriate prevention strategies and responses to
harm, and by providing timely and accurate advice following care in which harm
has occurred.

3.      To effectively and
efficiently provide services that meet the membership’s evolving medical
liability protection needs. 
The CMPA delivers high-quality member services in an effective and efficient
manner that, within its mutuality framework, meets the medical liability
protection needs of most of its members. As the membership’s protection needs
change, and with a view to ensuring both continued relevance to members and the
long-term sustainability of a medical liability system, the CMPA will adjust
its extent of assistance model as required.

Outcome measures

§  Membership
satisfaction with the quality and range of CMPA services

§  Membership
confidence in the CMPA to appropriately defend them and compensate patients
proven to have been harmed by negligent care

§  Members accessing
risk management services

§  Medico-legal case
frequency and severity in targeted risk areas

§  Claims frequency
and severity for members participating in recommended risk management programs


Strategic outcome #2 —
Contributing to Safe Medical Care

In support of a high-quality healthcare system, the CMPA
contributes to safe medical care in Canada.



To reduce harm
from medical care 
The CMPA substantively contributes to the reduction in the likelihood and
impact of harm from care provided by physicians, through risk identification
and the assessment of contributing and causal factors. In collaboration with
others, the CMPA will support the development of, and promote, harm prevention
strategies. This includes a focused approach on clinical issues and practices
wherein the risk of harm is relatively high. By reducing the harm to patients,
this effort benefits all Canadians.


To advance system
level enhancements to healthcare delivery 
The CMPA, working with others and within a system context that engages
institutions and other healthcare professions, identifies, promotes, and
measures the impact of changes that will enhance the safety of healthcare.


Outcome measures

§  Reduction in
patient safety incidents in targeted risk areas

§  Adoption of
recommended revisions to clinical and practice standards and guidelines

§  Member and
stakeholder assessment of CMPA effectiveness in contributing to safe medical





Strategic outcome #3 —
Supporting the Medical Liability System

The CMPA supports an effective and sustainable medical
liability system that meets the needs of physicians and their patients. By
supporting the availability of physician care, an effective and sustainable
medical liability system is an essential element of a well-functioning
healthcare system.


To support an effective medical liability system 
The CMPA supports, both independently and when appropriate with others, policy
initiatives that contribute to an environment in which physicians can practise
medicine with confidence, knowing their interests and those of their patients
are protected and medical liability issues are resolved in a fair and timely
manner. This includes measures that, while retaining fairness to all parties,
support the long-term sustainability of the medical liability system by
eliminating unnecessary costs and streamlining processes.

To retain full funding 
With a view to supporting member and stakeholder confidence in the
sustainability of the medical liability system and in meeting its financial
obligations, the CMPA is committed to holding financial assets equal to its
actuarially estimated liabilities (a fully funded position). This supports a
business model in which today’s members are responsible for the liabilities
incurred in their provision of care. Being cognizant of the long-term nature of
medical liability protection, the CMPA is committed to returning to and
maintaining a fully funded position. The Association also recognizes members
and stakeholders want CMPA membership fees to be generally predictable on a
year-over-year basis. To the extent feasible, the CMPA shares this goal.

To exercise sound governance and management 
The CMPA employs effective governance and management practices that reflect its
essential role in the healthcare system. In support of system sustainability
and recognizing its responsibility for the resources entrusted to it, the
Association delivers services effectively and efficiently, and manages legal,
governance, operating, and other costs in a responsible manner. It will report
performance and financial results in a transparent and responsible manner that
engenders member and stakeholder trust.

Outcome measures

§  Impact of public
policy submissions and engagements in support of selected advocacy campaigns

§  Aggregate CMPA
system cost per member

§  Case durations

§  Ratio of total
assets to total liabilities

§  Change in
aggregate fees

§  Operating and
governance costs per member

§  Employee








Strengths: The achievement of the CMPA’s mission,
vision, and strategic outcomes depends, in part, on effective governance and
management functions. Empowers doctors to deliver care with the confidence and
ensures their patients are secured. Adds to safe medical care and the
prevention of harm. Gives proper pay to patients demonstrated to have been hurt
by careless therapeutic care.


doctors and other healthcare experts responsible for their activities through a
reasonable procedure. The CMPA ensures the protection of professional integrity
of physicians which gives confidence for them to act independently and enhance
patient care.


provides timely advice and support for physicians, by which harmful care can be
prevented and proper care can be achieved to patients. It supports medical
liability system which plays a key role in well-functioning of the


including risk assessment, identification and factors contributing to the
patient safety, it can reduce those factors and can enhance safety of patient. The
CMPA mainly contributes to patient safety measures.


According to some reports the challenges faced by CMPA is obstetrical care. With its specialized research insight and
analytical experience, the CMPA empowers the medical community to further
improve healthcare quality and safety of obstetrical care.


Objectives: The three main objectives of CMPA are
assisting physicians, patient safety and supporting medical liability system.


Threats: Threat an occur due to irresponsibility or
carelessness. Physicians must ensure their safety first and later ensure safety
of staff, medical records, patients and others. Because prevention is the best
medicine. Rising
costs threaten the sustainability of this system and, in the interests of all
Canadians, the CMPA will continue to advocate for sensible improvements that
enhance system effectiveness and efficiency.  





discussed above strategic plan is required for an organization to improve its
performance. This organization mainly focuses on assisting the physicians,
safety of medical care and supports the medical liability system. For any
healthcare organization physicians are like infrastructure of the organization.
If the infrastructure collapses, the entire organization doesn’t exist. Therefore,
it gives more importance to integrity of physicians and commitment to its
members, which can improve functioning of organization. I was astonished by the
its planning, mission and values. I want be part of this organization in





CMPA’s 110 or more years of accomplishment have been established on a rigid
sense of commitment regarding its individuals and this dedication is
undiminished. The Association perceives that, to guarantee individuals can
practice with confidence their medical liability interests and those of their
patients are ensured, it must develop to meet the requests of a complex
condition. It is focused on core value of mutuality in which it gives services
to individuals who, thus, undertake to practice in a way reliable with the values
of the medical profession.


arrangement additionally submits the Association to making, in a joint effort
with others, a more noteworthy commitment to upgrading the security of medical
care. The CMPA trusts that harm prevention is a framework issue, one that
requires a reasonable and coordinated healthcare professionals, institutions,
governments, and others. Safe care can be achieved by completely contributing
to it.


have profited from an effective medical liability system in which doctors can
certainly convey care and in case of mischief from careless care injured
patients are compensated.


and their patients can be guaranteed that, despite the difficulties confronting
the medicinal services in Canada, the CMPA stays resolute in ensuring their
medical liability interests.