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Stratton Oakmont, a New York stock brokerage, was making its way to the top of the list by using a “pump and dump” brokerage scam and scripts, but got caught by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The conflict between the two ended with Stratton Oakmont closing and its owners jailed and left in millions of dollars in debt. This changed history in a way that the FBI had better ideas of what was going on in the stock market world.LONG BEFORE Ever since time has began, people have tried to hide things from other people. Money laundering, the hiding of illegally obtained money, normally by transferring the money to foreign banks or businesses. First started when Chinese shop owners would hide money and goods from the empire. They would do this so the empire would not take it from them or know that they have all of the goods and money. The actions these people took, when caught did not come without discipline.  The Chinese empire would punish the person. This is what Stratton Oakmont planed to do after they found out the FBI was on to them. Stratton tried to hide as much illegally obtained money as they could from the FBI so they didn’t have any evidence to shut them down. Little did Stratton know that the FBI knew and still got a hold of them and shut them down.RIGHT BEFORE         Before Jordan Belfort got into stocks, he wanted to be a dentist because he thought there was a lot of money involved in being one. So that’s what he went to school to do, but one day Belfort realized there was no money in being a dentist. So Belfort left and went to learn how to be a stockbroker. After Belfort graduated, he went to work at numerous stock brokerages until one day, Black Monday, October 19,1987, put the brokerage, he was working at, out of operations due to the market crash. Black Monday is a worldwide market crash that started in Hong Kong and spread to other parts of the world. Then Belfort went to go work at a penny stock investor center where Belfort made a lot of money on the fifty percent commission one got with every sale. Then Belfort decided to start up Stratton Oakmont with Daniel Porush. When they made Stratton, they started in a car garage then worked their way up to bigger and better offices. Since they were making so much money that they did not know what to do with it all.HEART OF THE STORY In the 1990’s Stratton Oakmont, a New York stock brokerage, was started by Jordan Belfort and Danny Porush. During the company’s time, over one thousand brokers were employed. Stratton Oakmont, didn’t just sell stock, the company would make thirty million dollar companies from the one point five billion dollars it made throughout its time on Wall Street (“About Jordan”).However, Stratton Oakmont was based on illegal success. They would do this by only agreeing to sell stock for a company if given a large amount of stock in the company. Then Stratton Oakmont would sell the stock at a higher rate, which would normally collapse, to get an enormous profit. Jordan Belfort, being the founder, would make scripts to give to the brokers that worked at Stratton Oakmont so that the brokers could lie to the client to get better comision for the company and themselves.                                                                                                                                      Motivational techniques were used to get more sales that weren’t so cheap.The higher brokers would rip up one hundred dollar bills and throw them at the cold callers saying, “Do you want to be a loser, or make money and be happy (Shapiro)?” Cold callers are people who call other people with no contact before the call to sell products. Being that kind of atmosphere it made it a hotspot for young brokers right out of college that wanted to get rich fast. Growing from a small company to a gigantic company, in a small amount of time, the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) started to engage in an investigation so they could figure out how they were getting all of this money.Stratton Oakmont started smuggling the money to Switzerland to try to save themselves from the FBI. Belfort had people, with Swiss passports, to smuggle his money into Swiss banks. Belfort didn’t want to do this himself because that was a more risky way of doing things rather than having people do it for him.Stratton was making so much money that the mafia would send over some of their people to go and learn how Stratton Oakmont was making this much money and almost getting away with it all. The FBI eventually got enough evidence to shut Stratton down and put Belfort and his acquaintances in jail.With the wires Belfort wore they gathered the evidence they needed but only with Belfort’s help so they shortened his jail sentence by two years.  SHORT TERM IMPACT When Stratton Oakmont got shut down the two founders, Jordan Belfort and Daniel Porush, went to jail Belfort for twenty two months and Porush for thirty nine months. Belfort also has to give fifty-percent of his monthly income to a victims fund that will be done once he payed of one hundred ten million dollars. During this time the two men worked side by side with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). They did this by rating out other brokerages and wearing wires so the FBI could get evidence they needed to shut down these brokerages that went down the same path as Stratton. In exchange the FBI decided to shorten the sentences of both men. One would think that the closing of Stratton would affect everybody in a bad way, in most cases it did, but in one case it was the opposite. While in prison, Jordan Belfort developed an interest in writing and decided he was going to write books about his life. Doing this is now the way Belfort gets his income along with motivational speaking.LONG TERM IMPACT After all of this happened Paramount Pictures started showing interest in making a movie about Belfort’s life during the time when he worked at Stratton Oakmont. When the news broke out that they were going to be making a movie many people, who were scammed by Stratton, were outraged. When one person was asked if they would go see the movie they replied, “If I do it will be for free (Antilla).”  Stratton even took half of one person’s life savings from the scams they used to run (Antilla). When another person heard about the movie he shared with the world that Stratton took a quarter of a million dollars from his father that later had a stroke and died from the stress of losing all of that money (Antilla). The government and Belfort have a plan still in place today to repay all of these people that lost so much to Stratton.