Stray better solutions too. The simplest oneStray better solutions too. The simplest one

Stray dogs are a huge problem with low odds of a close solution, as it is getting bigger all the time. Most answers for solving this problem are completely inhuman and the people who do this don’t care about the dogs’ lives. Some countries nowadays have various of these solutions to erase stray dogs from their land, such as euthanasia, and in some places, the government orders cops to shoot at any stray animal. There are many better solutions which care about the dogs, the problem is that the most of them are hard to carry out. My hopes are than some day all these bad solutions go away and later that all dogs have a happy home. One of the most common examples of a bad solutions is killing a stray dog. More than a million dogs have been shot, poisoned, euthanized and even hit to death to try and solve this problem (Doig, 2012). Alas, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, police officers have been ordered that instead of taking stray dogs they find to a shelter or refuge, they should take them out of their jurisdiction areas, adopt them, or the easy way, putting a bullet in their head, and these techniques never go by vet standards or by the book (Doig, 2012). According to Randy Grim, founder of a shelter for stray dogs, “This problem is way worse than people assume, but over the past 20 years, it’s become an underground epidemic in most cities. Right now I have 500 to 600 dogs in our system, and 70 percent of them have gunshot wounds.” (Doig, 2012). And those gunshot wounds most likely come from policemen attempting to kill them. We must try to avoid those solutions that involve hurting street hounds, even if the better solutions take longer or no one wants to do so. Despite of all of the people that hurt and murder stray dogs, there are people who can carry out better solutions too. The simplest one is to take strays to a refuge or shelter willing to take care of them. Adopting is an option too, only if you’ll be responsible and  make that dog happy. Sterilization not only prevents them from having puppies but also makes them friendlier and may avoid some dogfights. It also involves the dogs getting back to the streets, but that’s way better than hurting or killing them. In Costa Rica, there is a refuge that takes care of over 970 dogs (Giannopoulos, 2017) . These dogs were once stray, but they now live happily roaming around the land and playing with the other dogs that live there. Most of those dogs are up for adoption and locals can bring their own dogs to play with the rescued ones (Giannopoulos, 2017). The founders started by rescuing strays from the streets and taking them to their backyard with proper care and health, then moving to a farm when the number of dogs got bigger (Giannopoulos, 2017). The problems with this place, is that $600 is spent on dog food only on a day, and they depend fully on donations (Giannopoulos, 2017). Given these points, better solutions, although harder and complicated, are the ones the whole world must use in order to stop this problem from getting bigger.In summary, we can say that despite the fact that the good solutions take some time and money, there is no need for the bad ones to exist at all. Governments should imply the ban of animal mistreatment and never lead animals into a regretful life. Maybe they can create some government organizations that rescue and take care of feral dogs that don’t depend on donations but are paid by them, making the whole mission easier. What we, as normal people, can do is make some donations to shelters, adopt stray dogs, and refusing to buy them, because dogs are not things that you can buy or make a business out of, as they take responsibility and love. People who adopt dogs are the ones that truly love them and that will make them happy. I hope that in the following years all of the bad solutions go away, and that someday every dog will have a home and every animal will be free from any abuse.