Student Assigned: Class 3Date Due:Class 8-Dec 7/17Student Assigned: Class 3Date Due:Class 8-Dec 7/17

Student Name(s): 1. Thowfeeq Thasneem 2. Preeithe Mohana Raja 3. Reema Pravasi 4. Gurpreet Kaur Sandhu 5. Amit HandaDeliverable:Exercise #1 Course Name: Enterprise Resource PlanningDate Assigned: Class 3Date Due:Class 8-Dec 7/17 Rules: 1) Group based exercise. 2) Your work must be your group’s own original work. 3) Each group must have one (1) member submit their groups work. 4) Each group members name must be on this submission and written within the notes section for dropbox in eConestoga.VISIONOur vision is to be the best finest supplier of sporting shoes all over the globe and to spur impacting and set competitors to overhauled achievement as the main brand of elite, predominant quality footwear which are extremely agreeable alongside giving them a colossal assortment to clients to choose from.OBJECTIVESLong-Term Goals1. Our goal is to follow a strong and steady process for providing quality products to our customers and to entitle employees in quality control.• Specific: Goals needs to be specific for quality products.• Measurable: Measurable goals such as quality control can help measure success rate.• Attainable: Strong and steady process can be achieved with the help of the team work.• Realistic: Goal for providing quality products and entitle employees in quality control should be realistic.• Timely: The planned target must be achieved in given time.2. To give an environment to employees which is reverential and manifold so that they can put their best efforts in every shoe created.• Specific: Environment made comfortable for the employees to give their best.• Measurable: The product outcome is measured.• Attainable: The employees can achieve the target when they are given a reverential environment.• Realistic: It is the responsible of the organization to provide the basic comfortable environment to employees.• Timely: Timely actions are more helpful.3. To increase the earnings per share and to attain stock price profits by 5% in a year through first five years and then it can be 3 % annually after that.• Specific: To increase the overall profit.• Measurable: To measure the earnings annually to know the position of the organization.• Attainable: The earnings achieved in the previous must be the minimum target.• Realistic: The goals must be reachable for the team.• Timely: The success must be achieved annually.4. To achieve the image rating of 60 and plus with the first five years.• Specific: The achievement of image rating in first five years.• Measurable: The increase in the rating of the image.• Attainable: The target for first five years are attained.• Realistic: 1the goal to reach 60 and plus is the target.• Timely: To Achieve specific goal in five years.5. To steadily increment costs of the products to remain competitive in the market.• Specific: To monitor and increase the costs of the product.• Measurable: The organization can measure the success rate of the organization by identifying the position in market.• Attainable: The specific goals can be attained if steadily monitored.• Realistic: The target for the organization should be achievable.• Timely: The target must be achieved in timely manner.Short-Term Goals1. To be socially and environmentally responsible for attaining the target.• Specific: The goals must be specific and should be socially responsible.• Measurable: To reach the point where the decisions must be environmentally responsible.• Attainable: The specified goals must be attainable.• Realistic: The target for the organization is made sure, it’s realistic and easy to achieve.• Timely: The timely goal plays a major role.2. To maintain higher S/Q rating compared to other competitors.• Specific: The organization has to maintain a high S/Q rating throughout.• Measurable: The customers place the order based on the S/Q rating of an company.• Attainable: The target should be high as well as attainable.• Realistic: To fix the target and work towards it.• Timely: The S/Q rating must be achieved in short span of time.3. To create appealing products and selling at lower prices than rivals.• Specific: The specific goal is to create an under-priced, fashionable and appealing product.• Measurable: The number of loyal customers attained by the organization.• Attainable: The target such as, creating fashionable, appealing products must be attainable.• Realistic: To create products at reasonable price and earn customers.• Timely: The target must be achieved at less time.4. To make the Inventory clearance decisions in timely manner.• Specific: The inventory must be cleared out when the new products arrive.• Measurable: To measure the number of pairs left out during Inventory clearance.• Attainable: The target must be attained by counting the number of left out pairs.• Realistic: To have an reasonable target.• Timely: The Inventory clearance must be done at right time of the year.5. To have a meeting to discuss the Footwear Industry Report(FIR)• Specific: To work on repots from the industry, to learn which position the organization is in.• Measurable: The success rate can be measured by forecasting the production rate and the position in the market.• Attainable: The target is calculated by forecasting from the footwear industry report.• Realistic: To have an target that is realistic and practical to work on.• Timely: The forecasting must be done every week.TEAM STRATEGY1. Check for Price ElasticityContinuously check for value elasticity. The Business Strategy Game utilizes extents to figure price & demand rather than a fluid curveCase:• If you anticipate the business normal of shoes costs in North America to be 50 dollars, The Business Strategy game may process that you will offer 3M sets of shoes in NA between the cost of $49.00 and $51.00 dollars.So how would I actualize this?• Just set your forecasts and afterward test marginally higher cost focuses on the wholesale distribution screen to ensure your not passing up a great opportunity for additional profit.A couple of caveats:1. The range ends up noticeably more extensive as the SQ and model number procedures of groups deviate off additional.2. This ordinarily happens the most seriously amid the later phases of the game.2.Buy Back Stock EarlyPurchasing back stock is one of the main “tips” you can do in the game that will quickly promise you a higher score since it increments practically every metric you’re reviewed on1. Builds your EPS drastically2. Builds your ROE drastically3. You can pay a higher dividend for less money4. Your stock value shoots up in view of your higher EPS, ROE and dividends.Case:• If your net profit was $25M in Year 10 and you had 10M shares of stock outstanding, your EPS would be $2.50. (25M/10M = 2.50)• If you’ve purchased back your 2.5M shares, you would have 7.5M million shares outstanding and your EPS would bounce to $3.33. (25M/7.5M=3.33)• This is an estimate of a 40% bounce in score.We want to do it early because1. As far as possible how much stock you would buyback be able to a year. It goes up against normal five years to get everything back.2. In case of following the correct strategies, your stock cost will raise it isn’t savvy to purchase stock in the later years.3. It gives you the alternative for debt-equity swap3. Buy Celebrities EarlyPurchase celebrities with long term contracts in the beginning times of the game• Celebrity price tag regularly takes after either a bell curve or a logarithmic curve. It begins moderately low and afterward peaks and falls off or tops and scarcely increments amid the last years.• Focus on the celebrities with the longest contracts amid these initial couple of years. I recommend paying between 2M and 5M dollars. Utilize your judgment however, celebrity evaluating typically relies upon class metagame than a real science.• You need to long term secure contracts at lower rates to be as effective as possibleAn Exception• The one special case to this rule is when no one bids on celebrities in the training rounds and different groups do ineffectively. celebrities can now and then begin exceedingly competitive in this circumstance.4.Predict Material PricesContinuously Predict Materials Prices• It is to a great extent in charge of the “I simply don’t realize what happened, it said we would make an EPS of $3.50, yet we wound up with – $1.50” remarks• It is situated on the Branded production screen. At the upper left-hand side, you’ll see a little box that resembles a chart, half loaded with green.The costs of superior and standard materials depend on supply and demand functions• If more groups utilize a high SQ strategy, the more superior materials will cost in light of the expanded demand for superior materials will drive up superior material costs.• The inverse is additionally valid, the more groups perusing a high SQ strategy will utilize less standard materials and hence the expenses will be lower.The most effective method to implement it:• Look at groups strategies and estimate regardless of whether they will build their SQ ratings. If they increase their SQ ratings, then expect superior material expenses will rise and the other way around.5.Re-Finance LoansIn case you’re utilizing a productive strategy, you will be having debt. It is critical to search for chances to renegotiate your outstanding debt to expand your income.• It is easy to do. To begin with, check every decision round if your loan fee has fallen or risen due to either a decreasing interest rates or an increased credit rating. At that point, look on your Balance Sheet and Cash Flow report to see which to be paid loans have the higher interest rates.• Finally, apply for a new loan for a similar sum while paying off the current one.• You can aggregate different littler loans together to exploit this too.TRIGGER EVENTS AND RESPONSES1. Opened a new plant – To increase our productions, we planned to open a new plant. This would beneficially help us produce more to keep in track with the demand in the market.2. Providing free delivery to the customers – This was one of the main strategy of our company, as we wanted our products to be sold and ordered as many as possible. Not all companies offer free delivery, so to reach over and above our competitive market we gave free deliveries for the products ordered by the customers.3. Increase image and credit ratings – The main thing the customers would look for is the rating. So, our company kept in mind the ratings and tried to improve them by increasing the market share, product quality and corporate citizenship.4. All of our company projections were the way we had expected and calculated.REFERENCES(n.d.). Retrieved December 10, 2017, from (n.d.). Retrieved December 10, 2017, from