“Students pros and cons that comes with“Students pros and cons that comes with

        “Students should not be allowed to use phones in class” is being said by a lot of teachers and schools today. Some people do not care and keep using their phone, but does this have to be so bad? Why should not students be allowed to do this exact thing in class? Because of these questions this essay will explore the pros and cons that comes with phone usage in class.


            First of this essay will try to answer the question if phone usage necessarily has to be so bad. It does not have to be, or does it? Students can do important things while they are on their phone, and they should be allowed to do that if it is urgent or important, but still, it takes away the focus on the teacher and the students stop paying attention. Other things they can be doing though, is to search for words they do not understand, and they can find a little information about certain things if they have forgot as well. That way, students can be more into, or interested in the things that are being said because they know more of the theme the class is working on without having to disturb the class by getting a lecture by the teacher when only one person need that info.

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            The cons to this question are quite a few. First of, when one person is on their phone, the other students is being disturbed and then do not know what the teacher says. Everything the teacher says can be important, for example things like homework, tests, exam and more. That is why every student have to have their own attention to their teacher at all times. If someone is on their phone because they have been allowed for info usage, they can log in to social medias as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and then lose track of time and not knowing a single word of what has been said. Generally most people, even the teacher, becomes distracted when a phone is being used and can forget what they should say or teach next. According to snl.no (Store Norske Leksikon), it is difficult, if not impossible to keep track of two conversations at the same time, that could be keeping track of what the teacher is saying while chatting with someone on snapchat or by texting. Basically most of the cons to phone usage during class is all about being attentive and maintaining focus.


            Taking these ideas into consideration, we can see that phone usage is distractive and have a negative effect on learning. At the same time, having the freedom to use phones during class can lead to better learning if the students know what they are doing, because of the freedom to be able to become aware of what is being said and by understanding what is really being said. If the Students are smart enough to not be one social media, or to play during class, then it could be a good idea to let them, but again, they would probably go straight to playing and snapchat. This is why there is not any good answers or one real answer.


            The conclusion to the question, as written above, is not set, but it is all about what the individual school, or individual teachers want. Looking at the pros and cons above though, it would appear to be a little more bad than good, because what the teacher is saying is important. The pros are mainly for knowing what the teacher is talking about, and the cons being mostly that the students lose focus. So, if someone does not quite know what is being said or what a word means, it would not be the end of the world asking the teacher for some help.