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This report consist details about the project management. To run a
business there are several activities which should be considered and project
planning (Project management) is the one most important of them.  This report will explain several key points related
to project planning which should be taken consideration before or after project
planning. These points explore the principles behind their uses. In reality the
rule of the project manager is most important and it’s a challenging job.
Manger should consider overcoming challenges. This report explore the project
management challenges. Later on I will discuss (CPM or PERT) one of the technique.

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This report consist on several chapter

Chapter 1 which has explanation related to planning for project

Chapter 2 which has description about the scheduling the project

Chapter 3 describe about the control of project



Project Summery

Project Summery contains the whole material which provides a reader
with maximum subject, in reality it does not extend to deeply details.  So the Summary is short details which
summarizes a major work, and the actual work should contain significantly less
content. Summery can save the time of a reader, because it keeps the reader
unusually important and prevents it from filtering.


Project Description:

A project explanation or  description is a states document  with details ,there is a common task of
project manager  , which is to accurately
identify, Tasks , and comply with ideas, goals, backgrounds, views, results,
and other data. The document will set the project  and make the project  more efficient description satisfy the sponsor
he  should be convince to make the
primary   investments.


What is project management?


Project planning (management) mean organizing or directing such rules
for a company which are controlling the company resources for a relatively
short time to complete such act that has been confirmed.


Here we will discuss about few most important key task for project










Characteristics of project plain:

In order to better project plain we should considered these



Before running a project a details description should be analyzed. How
project will meet the company’s required goals and other strategic plans; and
it is estimated when needed

To be finished. Main aim is that conclude description in mind of
organizations people. Basically planning for the development process is to
promote the clear and well understanding of the project. Estimation
for the benefits of achieving the successful final completion of the project.



This mean project means should be evaluate. The restrictions should be
well described and banned on the project, price should be considered other
means for project such as schedule, or resource limit, and you will have to
work within limited limits of these constraints. Also it should be analyzed all
projects have negative effect as well, which should be described at the
starting of any project.


Project purview.

The project purview is an evolution of the project  plains 
that will  needs to be meet to
achieve  good enough results  .Project 
purview  or scope is the main  part of project planning that should have
include ,determine  the detail list of
project aims, deliverables, tasks, costs and least time. The classifying of
project description should conclude project’s scope explains the border or
diving line for the project goals, initiate required task for each team member
and build up strategy for how completion of work will be confirmed and
accepted. The documentation should introduce the value of work. A
good capacity management requires good relationship with worker to ensure that
every team member understood the project’s capacity and meet the objectives of
the project. As well the project Capacity Management, the team leader should
seek also accept and sign as project income from various acquisition holders,
ensuring that the entire project needs to meet, as suggested, is needed for


 Risk Analysis:

Once the job has been identified for each project team member,

Schedule has developed, and expected expenses have been considered, basically
components of the planning process has been completed. It’s a great time to
identify and deal with expectation which creates a risk on the successful
completion of the project. This is the called risk management. In risk
management, “extreme risk” qualities issues have been identified.
Action is taken on every high task possible problem, to reduce the chances.
Action should be taken against the problem which will impact on the project. The
risk analysis should be consistent process. You must be cautious forever about
your project risks. It will be better every time to identify project
acquisition or strong correlation. It will be maintained to the whole life project.

Estimation of cost and project budget:

At this stage, the management manager manages and estimates the total
cost for the may be estimated by different ways. Overall project
cost estimated by considering each goal time and cost. After that manger creates
a budget for each goal. This budget accomplished the whole budget project.


Conversation as needed during retention and period control



This step is most consuming time. Which deals with the task of each
team. During the

Implementation of the project, people have to move ahead and work. Information
is being reported regularly by team meetings. The mostly team uses these information
to balance the control over that administration. First of all action should
always be to analyses the project return to the original course. The team
member should record variables from the old statistic aim of the project and
finalize the new plain. In this stage, organizational managers and other key
according to stock holders, the status of the project should be notified.
Project plain should be modified on a consistent frequency and regular shape updated
and published. Final report should be emphasized, in the usual terms, Cost,
schedule, and quality of delivery




Project Management process


Figure describes about the process of the project management:













 For the project, firstly common task
which should be considered is the planning of project.

Basically planning are different kind of ideas or method which control
the organization ongoing process for the production or services. Every project
has different kind of task these task have affection on project progress. We should
have in consideration these task before starting the project. Which is called
project planning.

For better project planning we should consider these key points.

Market demand

Strategic opportunity/business

Social requirement

Environmental consideration

Customer request

Technological advance

Legal requirement


Project planning team

Project team consist a group that has project manager as well
other   people who work in Project work
to achieve the goals. Project Management team consist project manager

Staff, and other members of team who work but are not necessarily
involved with management

Plan. This team contains specific groups of different people with
special skills to carry out the project work.


Role of a project manager:

Role of a Project Manager is assigned the work to the each team to be delivered
by the skills to achieve project objectives. Project Manager’s role is different
from an active manager or operation. The manager basically focuses on assigning
functional manager or management monitoring for one Business units, and
operating managers are responsible for ensuring that business operations are


Responsibilities of the Project Manager:

Generally, project managers have the responsibility to meet the job
requirements, requirements such as team needs, and individual needs. Project manager
is a major connection between the project policies and team. Manager
responsibility to create such environment in the organization which value in
the form of a better business process, sometime it is important to develop new rule
or products for the effective project planning. In addition to the
specialization and management of specific particular area.


Relating skills of a project manager


Project manager job is to finish the work through the project team and
other stakeholders. Successful manager needs a balance between moral, mutual
and ideological skills that analyzes their status and help in communicating in
an appropriate way. Generally a successful manger should have these skills
which are more important


Team building,




Decision making,

 Political and cultural


Trust building,

Conflict management, and




Scope statement is a well detail document which illustrates the
information related to the consist the project has been justified
also the factors requirement have been created for the project of the company.
The project scope also indicates what will be the expected outcome of the
project how these documents make the project success. The description of the
capacity can also be included in the list of planning type’s reports and
details documents which is the main factor of the project management process.





Work breakdown structure (WBS) is a procedure that is designed to plan
a project. Work breakdown structure explain that what will be done on a
project? Which team will have which kind of job meaning? Work breakdown
structure organize the work for each team in to a different level. In Work
breakdown structure, a project is characterized into major ingredients, each
part of project refer to other task. After this ingredients, each task has been
assigned into subtask, which are more breakdown. The result of the end is a
project Work breakdown structure define the each capital Organizational
structures made of different levels. A good project plan for each act, at the
bottom level of the structures and individual tasks. Work breakdown structure format
is good

Activity identification and how to estimate the work of every task,
module, and project work.

It is useful to define the relationship of each activity.