‘Success of life there is one thing‘Success of life there is one thing

‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts’Enough of people telling us how J.K. Rowling even after being rejected a hundred times eventually emerged successful and Thomas Alva Edison with his uncountable number of failures finally invented the bulb. It is time that we delve deep into their journey and learn life lessons about facing failures.  When we are facing failures one after the other and we are in a pitfall where we see no light at the end of the tunnel, all the  life inspirational stories and quotes that we hear fall on deaf ears. It  is very difficult to keep yourself motivated and put yourself together and tell yourself that ‘you can do it’. At that moment of life there is one thing that we all should remember and that is, it is not the success that defines these great people that we know, it is their journey, it is all that they have learnt from all their failures throughout their lives that has made them what they are today. If they had not been rejected, if they would not have faced the failures, they would never have realized their self-worth, they would never have realized their potential and their ability to face any challenge which comes their way. Today we have to realize that things in life would go wrong, even more than they go right and then it is all the lessons that one learns in his journey which comes to his help. We should always remember that whenever we are broken and dull and believe that there is no moving on from there, ‘we should learn to rest and not to quit’. It is not the success of these people which should inspire us, it is how they kept going from everything they ever faced in life. It is not always about the ultimate goal which you can achieve, it is about the journey and the little things you that you learn on the way. Success that one always aims for is not what one always cherishes, but what one does cherish, is all the difficulties which he ever faced, the courage with which he faced them and in the end, the person which all of this has made him. You emerge as a sparkling diamond, my friend, a sparkling diamond.