Suicide love and low child development practices

Suicide is a complex phenomenon which involves socioeconomic,
biological and environmental factors. To prevent it, a widely based approach is
required. About one third of Pakistani folks are suffering with common mental
disorders and depression is concerned in about three quarters of suicides.
During my mental health clinical rotation I encountered a 28 years old single male
patient from a wretched socioeconomic upbringing with utmost unwanted
practices, who had attempted suicide and looked extremely dejected. Patient
verbalized that he was always been mistreated by his near ones which turned him
into severe depression. To get rid of his gloomy life, the patient had once a
suicidal act by taking poison but unexpectedly survived. Patient was diagnosed
with personality type II disorder. In young people suicidal ideations are
associated with many factors such as worrying occasions, depression, parents,
lack of parental care, hopelessness, family history, child sexual abuse, drug
and alcohol abuse, aggression, body image disappointment, and biological
hazards. One of the chief elements is psychosocial stressor. Stressful life
events are fatal. Parents’ strictness, over secureness, negative family environment,
lack of parental love and low child development practices precede to low
self-esteem and depression which sooner or later leads to suicidal ideation and
ultimately attempts. “Parental psychopathology, positive family history of
suicidal behavior is associated with an increased risk of teenage suicide and
suicidal behavior (Cash & Bridge, 2009)”. ¬†Another factor is low self-esteem and hopelessness
which may be due to family conflicts or poor relationship. Lack of firm
relationships in childhood can lead to making poor relation in adolescence
which causes low self-esteem, poor communication abilities, and difficulties
with partner and hopelessness, which eventually lead to suicidal ideations.¬† Khan stated (as cited in Ebrahim, 2012) that “young
people commit suicide, some even younger as 12 years of age due to problems in
relationships, parental conflict, bullying, and who suffer from low
self-confidence and low self-esteem”. In addition psychopathology is one the
most common risk factors for suicidal behavior (Nock et al., 2008). 

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