Summary people will become less skillful duringSummary people will become less skillful during


This article gives a general outlook on the cost inflation
affecting the mining sector.  It also
shows us the electricity and wages in relation to total costs. This article
also gives us the South African mining challenges which include:

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Inappropriate application of regulatory tools

Instability in the labour market and excessive
wage demand pressures linked to social wage issues

productivity thus resulting in rapidly increasing costs

Mineral prices in Rand terms have declined

Electricity shortages since 2007

This is important as we can see where money is lost during
the process of mining.


This article was written for anyone who is interested in
how the money is spent when mining and the issues mining company’s experience,
which range from striking labourers to incorrect use of machinery or tools. It shows
how to improve mining conditions. It also explains that if we use machines that
are imported, we pay more, thus we cannot have a large amount of labourers. It will
also give us a higher cost for mining, lower economic growth, reduced employment
and less portable skills.


The relevance of this article is vital, it has all the
answers I was looking for. It even gives us future ways to help improve the
mining. It gives an outlook on how to improve mining and how to save money. It also
tells us that if we use more machinery and less labourers, that people will
become less skillful during the years.


We can rely on this article as it comes from Chamber Of Mines. It is an unfailing and
authentic website, that offers accurate and information on statistics.



This article is not
limited. It shows all the statistics. It is very useful to my topic question. It
answered all my questions and gave me extra information as well.