Summary save and reduce their expenses dailySummary save and reduce their expenses daily

Summary 1 :The changing in the lifestyles nowadays had increased the numbers of smartphone users which directly influenced to the attraction of the users towards FinTech. Also, FinTech improves the efficiency of financial services which attracts the attention of the young users whose most of them have major knowledge about ICT and directly it fulfill the needs of the user and lead to an expansion of the Fintech market. Most of the banks, big companies, and even small companies utilize the FinTech in order to boost their performance. Fintech also able to manage the household accounting and asset management of the consumers which record the household monthly income and expenditures such as the credit card purchases and mobile phone bills. This may lead to the consumers to save and reduce their expenses daily and by then increase their life level. Also, it helps the users to manage their financial assets in a secure state which these assets commonly are the bank term deposits and security company stocks as well as investment trusts. Fintech also includes the robo-advisor services which provide automatic services to organize the optimal asset management portfolio and develop financial product transactions for investors based on their most suitable requirements. Also, it is easy for the users to operate and use it effectively as it is user-friendly. As a result, this leads to the users can organize their assets more easily without requiring to step out from their house. The key to success of FinTech is to understand the needs of users and in the same way speed up the innovation in the financial services. In conclusion, in future, the employing state of art technologies will replace the human operations and if manpower is still remained, the technologies also able to support and assist human work to be more accurate and efficient. By then, the productivity of the particular company will be boosted and this will directly influence and increase the performance of the company.Fujitsu Journal  (2016).Integrating Finance with Technology – What Is Fintech, Which Continues to Grow Rapidly?Retrieved from: