Svoboda’s of view, the extreme forms ofSvoboda’s of view, the extreme forms of

Svoboda’s ideology founded on a book,
written in 1952 by leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists Yaroslav
Stetsko. The book titled “Two Revolutions”, and it`s writer was a pursuivant
of Stepan Bandera of the OUN. Former members of the Communist Party and
atheists were not admitted to membership, because the most important rule for
joining «Freedom» party is that its members must belong to the Ukrainian
nation, and the nation is a community bound by blood and spirit.

         The book put forward the thesis that
the true revolution in Ukraine should consist not only in achieving full
independence of Ukrainians from the «Moscow communist regime», but also in
ensuring social justice for all members of the nation as a single spiritual and
bloody organism. «Our revolution is a nationwide. We are going with the people,
in whom the matter of social liberation is closely connected with the cause of
national independence», wrote Stetsko. From this point of view, the extreme
forms of Western economic liberalism «laissez faire» which, in accord with the
opinion of the OUN leader, had no less danger to the Ukrainian nation than

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The main purpose of the All-Ukrainian
Union “Svoboda” is to build a powerful Ukrainian State based on the
principles of social and national justice. A state, which takes its rightful
place among the leading countries and provides a continuous development of the
Ukrainian nation.1

Using the ideas contained in Stetsko’s
Two Revolutions, Svoboda professes that «a
Ukrainian revolution cannot be one-sided, only nationalist. The driving force
of revolution is the people, symbolizing the nation, which includes a union of
›alive, dead and unborn‹ people, so they constitute the social revolution…there
is no Ukrainian liberation without national-social revolution»2

Most of the wealth and resources are
concentrated in the hands of some entrepreneurs – oligarchs. The discrepancy
among the wealthy and the propertyless has grown in the process of two decades
of transition. In addition, the sudden decrease in life expectancy, the
insignificant birth rate and public migration abroad have led to a decisive
reduction in the number of residents, all this is the brutal reality of
Ukraine, actually slow progress in the formation of democracy. All these events
had serious results, namely, the origin of the right-wing extremist ideas.
Recently, the extreme right has ceased to limit its own provisions only by
chauvinistic rhetoric, combined with the problems of history. At the present
time, “Svoboda” has spread its own ideas for migration, intensified
the economy, public equality and saved everything that is ethnically Ukrainian.
At the same time, it weakened cultural rhetoric, even pushing back the
national-democratic ideology of such parties as Rukh, Nasha Ukraina and the
Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists.

         Whereas the negative attitude towards
the Russian Empire and especially the Soviet Union, which, as Ukrainian
nationalists think, hampered the full-fledged independent development of the
Ukrainian nation, a number of Svoboda activists optimistically assess the
prospects for a dialogue with the Russian national movement on equal terms in
the spirit of mutual recognition and respect. «We are not against the Russians,
we are against the neo-imperialist policy pursued by the Kremlin and playing
along with the pseudo-Ukrainian oligarchic» elite. One should not think that
such things as gas theft and other undercover manipulations in the economic
sphere meet the fundamental interests of the Ukrainian nation, which itself is
being robbed by the ruling nomenklatura» , says Yury Noevy in an interview with
a Ukrainian newspaper.


2 Miroslav Kabal: Spadshyna yaroslava
Stetska kriz pryzmu ukrainskykh realii na pochatku KHKHI-st (Through the prism
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