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Table 17: Top Five States in Terms of Milk Production (2015-16)State Annual milk production (MT)Percent contribution to national productionUttar Pradesh 26.39 16.97Rajasthan 18.50 11.90Gujarat 12.26 7.89Madhya Pradesh 12.15 7.81Andhra Pradesh 10.82 6.96All India 155.49 Gujarat has shown appreciable increase in the milk production since the beginning of the century. The state has crossed more than double of the milk production in 2001-02. In 2001-02, the state had milk production of 5.86 MT which shows an annual growth of 5.5 percent per annum. The same for India is 4.5 percent per annum. Figure 11: Trend in Milk Production in GujaratThe livestock census is carried out every five years since it started in 1951. The state of Gujarat is contributing around 5 percent to national livestock population and has shown a growth of more than 11 percent in the last quinquennium. India is home to largest number of buffaloes in the world, stands second in terms of cattle and goat population, third with respect to sheep population and sixth in camel population. Gujarat has more than 26 million livestock. Out of this buffalo has the maximum share with 38 percent. Buffalo is mainly kept for milk purpose. It is followed by cow. Though pigs, horses, donkey and camel are also contributing to the livestock population, but these are in thousands.Table 18: Trend in Livestock Population in GujaratLivestock Census Year Total Livestock(million) % Share of Gujarat to All India % Growth of livestock in Gujarat between  two Census All India Gujarat 1951 292.79 11.98 4.09             -1956 306.62 13.31 4.34 11.151961 336.43 13.45 4.00 1.071966 344.11 14.34 4.17 6.571972 353.34 15.10 4.27 5.301977 369.53 14.40 3.90 -4.581983 419.59 18.44 4.39 28.001987 445.29 17.34 3.89 -5.951993 470.83 19.67 4.18 13.431997 485.39 19.94 4.11 1.362003 485.00 21.67 4.47 8.692007 529.70 23.52 4.44 8.512012 511.22 26.29 5.14 11.78(Source: Author’s calculation using data from directorate of animal husbandry, Gujarat)The state is bestowed with good breeds of cow as well as buffalo. The breeds are high milk yielding breeds. Buffalo milk with high fat percentage fetches more price for the milk which drives the farmers preferring buffalo over cow in the state. Table 19: Breeds of Livestock Found in GujaratLivestock BreedCow Gir, KankrejBuffalo Mahesani, Surti, Bunni, JaffradbadiSheep Patanvadi, MarwariGoat Sirohi, Surti, Kuchchhi, Mahesani, Gohilwadi, ZalawadiOne of the key input for the livestock sector is the feed and fodder, which contributes more than 65 percent to the total cost of production. The value of output is considered to be a good indicator to assess the market value of a particular commodity during a particular year. The value of output from livestock sector in Gujarat stood at ?364 billion which is 6.5 percent of national value of output from livestock sector. The value of fodder in Gujarat is maintained at ?21 billion except the year 2013-14 when the state witnessed inadequate rain in 2013.