Teaching a whole class, as a subgroup,Teaching a whole class, as a subgroup,

Teaching as inquiry is a
systematic process. Before any teaching methods can be placed into plan first I
would need to see what practice needs to be placed in order to reach the goal
of plan lesson and analyze if the method used hit the target.  There are many concepts for teaching in a
classroom. Teachers have the flexibility to use any methods depending on the level
of skills, the subject, and what outcome they are trying to obtain in the end
of their lessons. Some of the methods utilized in a classroom with a successful
outcome would be storytelling, use manipulations in any subject, indirect or
direct teaching, and open discussion. 

of the positive aspects that I found before teaching a class was being able to
take advantage of the existing teacher-education program.  One of the advantages while shadowing a
teacher was finding different ways and methods for teaching a lesson.  Music can be incorporated into lessons which
in return can be a positive way of teaching a lesson.  Though I found that maybe technology needs to
be used for often in a classroom at any age level.  One of the changes I would recommend to be
placed in all classrooms would be introducing the technology.  There are some pros and cons with usage of
technology.  Pros: Teachers can easily
see how their students are performed as a whole class, as a subgroup, and as
individuals, and can offer intervention as needed. Most technology apps include
easy to use reporting features, so that assessment data can also be shared with
administrators and parents. Time learning can help to corporate of what they
need to solve immediate problems, rather than sitting around. Many can adapt their
own progress by precise differentiated instruction levels. Cons: Long-term
teachers are hesitating that educational technology is a way of replacement.
Privacy can be invaluable in classroom walls.

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            This chapter has helped me think differently about my
role as an educator. I realized that the key for me to keep in mind the
standards that needs to be met. One of the standards would be key points and
shows on teaching learning methods. The method of teaching that I would plan to
use is active learning and integrating technology. Active learning is allowing
students to talk and listen, write, and reflect as an approach through informal
small groups, problem-solving exercises, and simulations. Integrating technology
utilizes to aid students inside and outside the classrooms.