Technology It is vital to have aTechnology It is vital to have a

Technology is
essential to the field of business because it helps to expand the market to the
entire world through scientific information. Most people use technology they
own to study, to get information or to entertain, but others don’t give the use
it takes. People need to start thinking of technology from a professional point
of view because it helps to search and collect all professional information.
Yes, options for technology are essential in my field because there are options
for so many sources of information that are not in books.  Besides, I believe that learning about the
various technologies available to us make us stronger professionally because it
opens us a window to the new technology, advances to the science field and gives
us tools to grow and develop. Technology begins providing opportunities for the
ones that use it correctly. For examples, technology has joined so many
families who had not be able to communicate with each other.

The top two
most important criteria for judging my technology are which can boost your
business more and which one is best for your brand on Facebook and Instagram.
The first principles are which can expand your business more between Facebook
and Instagram. It’s important because they explain which one the best for your
own business is. The second criteria are which one is best for your brand
between these two social media. It’s essential because it’s explaining how this
two-social networking site is best for your business. It is vital to have a standard
for judging technology because there are too many articles that talk about of
which one is the best. Consequently, these two social media can do a better job

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I will start
with my first criteria. Technology is fundamental, but two social media are the
most important. Facebook and Instagram are two essential social media on the
networking sites. First, I’m going to talk about Facebook. Facebook has been on
the technology for a long time. Facebook was found in 2004 and has been on
social media for 14 years. My observation about Facebook is that has the most
massive user base and has withstood the test of time. An example from my
research is that according to a study” (Leibowitz,2017). “Facebook has 2.7
billion users active monthly”. With all of this means that Facebook is the
number one social media for business. 
It’s interesting because Facebook is more popular between the age range
of 30 and 49 years. It shows that Facebook is the highest number of user
influence with brands. Overall, Facebook has been the number one on the social

The second
technology that I will talk is Instagram. Instagram is the newest social media.
The social media has more than 800 million of users monthly. My observation is
that Instagram is growing very fast on the social network. An example of my
research is that according to a study (Yotpo,2015).  “website visitors from Instagram spend the
average of 192 seconds than others social media”. All of this means that visitors
from Instagram stay longer time than the visitor from Facebook. Also, Instagram
is more popular between the age range of 18 and 29 years. It’s essential
because Instagram is the highest social media among the younger audience. As a
result, Instagram exceeds the number of likes than others social network.
Furthermore, Instagram has more influence on the younger audience than

In contrast, of
my first criteria that talk about your business. My second standards speak more
about the brand. Facebook has been growing over the years and is gaining a lot
of users.  My observation is that
Facebook will need to expand the possibilities to create more space for brands.
An example from my research is “a study found (Jackson,2015) that Facebook
users fell from 72% to 45% of the audience”. All of this means that Facebook is
losing the younger audience. It’s essential because if Facebook is losing the
younger audience will lose all the small business that is gaining with the
younger audience. It can conclude that Facebook cannot be for every audience
but it for the audience with small business. Also, Facebook over the years has
been getting millions of viewers with small business.

important, Instagram has been growing, and they are gaining an audience.
Instagram has been on the social network since 2010. My observation is that
Instagram is heading in the right direction. For example, “a study on social
media engagement, Instagram has an astounding 4.21% engagement rate”
(Jackson,2015). All of this means that Instagram has a population of 27% of the
audience in the US and a 73% of the audience in countries outside of the US.
It’s interesting that not only the younger audience is using Instagram but
also, the older audience. As a result, Instagram can also create small business
and brands can show all their stuff. However, Instagram has grown extremely
strong on the past eight years.

Both social
media on the networking sites are sturdy and have opportunities to create your
own business. Additionally, for me the better one is Instagram. My very personal
observation about Instagram is that Instagram has grown very fast in the
younger audience and on the small business. My reason for choosing Instagram is
that for the past eight years have been thriving quickly, and I have seen that
so many people have promoted their business with the help of Instagram. It’s
vital because Instagram has the highest interaction with some many famous
brands. For examples, Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, and Apple are some of the
well-known types of labels that Instagram interact. We all can conclude, that
Instagram in the short term has grown extremely strong with all the younger
audience as users. However, after all this Instagram has been having 75 million
active users daily.

opens us a window to the new technology, advances to the science field and
gives us tools to grow and develop. Technology begins providing opportunities
for the people who use it correctly. My advice about finding the right
technology for a career is that you must be very sure about the one that you
are choosing. My opinion about how to determine what kind of techniques are the
best is to get information before selecting the one you want. My warning about
choosing technology on the field is that some articles about technology are not
very credible. The present status of the topic is that technology has evolved
over the past years. My prediction on this is that technology will have a
significant grown in the future. Also, technology will be more advanced and