Technology the importance of technology in aTechnology the importance of technology in a


Technology – came from the Greek word “tekhn?” which means art or skill, – is the collection of machinery
devices like IT  that are created by the
human to use the best of it. Technology is the application of scientific
knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry, and it’s also the
branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.

Nowadays, technology has become the best weapon for the
developed countries, and it’s the first and the best step for the developing
countries to go through in order- to develop their nation more and more.

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The aim of this report, is to show the importance of
technology in a country, and to show the relation of technology to the
country’s development, as technology has effects on different sectors in a
country and it has a wide range of benefits in each different sector that will
help the country to develop.

Technology plays an important role in the daily activities of
everyone’s life since the end of 20th century, everyday the use of
technology will get more and more as new types of technology devices are being

The relations between technology advancing and the strength
of a nation are directly proportional. The usage of technology, as well as
making our daily life easier, has benefits in many fields for example in (education,
society, business, and even it plays a major role in the field of health), and
it’s obvious that any development in this fields will develop the whole

Despite the importance of technology in the developed
countries, it’s also thought that technology will become the key of reducing
poverty in the developing countries, especially in Africa. As United Nations
Secretary-General Kofi Annan sais in his Millennium (we the peoples) Report

Technology has affected and advanced our
life in many ways, we will discuss the most important effects of technology and
it’s advantages to our daily life and to the country’s improvement.


As students find out theoretical lessons
hard and they cannot understand the complicated concepts well, proper
technology usage guides students towards greater understanding of all informations
studied during the lecture. Teachers can use different kinds of technologies like
computers and projectors in order to clarify hard and complicated concepts, and
even when students cannot understand the teacher well they can also use
technology to do more research about the topic that they have issues in.
Sharing information without any or with few limitations on the internet, helps
everyone to find whatever knowledge that they want, sometimes you cannot find
good books in the library about the subject that you are interested in, maybe sometimes
some people want to study in certain faculties and choose the work as their
careers, but they cannot find an institute or a college in their area that is
related to their goal, technology has solved most of these problems  you can find many different websites that
give trusted information and so many free books, and also if you want to learn
online there are many different courses and even there are universities that
give you the acess to study in their university by giving online lectures to
their students.