The = .49, p < 0.01). In


The present study was conducted in order to investigate the effect of podcast

on improving Iranian  EFL learners’ achievement listening. The  main  finding  of  the  study  displayed  in  tables  (4.1-4.9)  shown  a positive  answer  to  the  major  question  of  the  study. Actually, the positive effect of the podcast on the students’ listening skills was found. The experimental group was obtained higher mean scores in their post-test. Explicitly, based on the outcomes of post-test, there was a significant difference between the experimental groups’ performance and the control groups’ performance. On the other hand, both groups did not show any statistically significant difference in their pre-test result. In fact, it indicates both had nearly similar listening levels.  Therefore, it can be stated that they had the same language background.

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The  results  of  the  present  study  supported  the  findings  of  previous  studies  by Rahimi and katal (2012) who found that using podcasting  has positive  effect on metacognitive listening strategies. (r = .49, p 

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