The Abu-Simbel is located in southern Egypt,The Abu-Simbel is located in southern Egypt,

The Ancient Egyptian monumental buildings were
called ‘Abu Simbel’ believed to be named after an Egyptian boy who showed the
monument to explorer Giovanni Belzoni, who rediscovered the site many centuries
after it was originally built sometime between 1264-1224 BC in the time of the
reign of Ramesses II. Abu-Simbel is located in southern Egypt, in a place once
known as Nubia which is located at the second cataract of the Nile; now
considered to be Lake Nassar, which in turn was the result of the building of
the Aswan High Dam. The result of building the Aswan High Dam meant a massive
relocation was undertaken, moving the temples to above the set of cliffs they
used to sit below. The building was a dedication to the Gods and their human
equivalents, in this instance that meant Ramesses II and his wife Queen
Nefertari as well as some of the many powerful Egyptian gods such as Ra, Amon,
Hathor and Ptah. The building incorporates light by allowing it to enter the
structure at certain times during the year, 21st February and 21st
October, in such as way that the statues on the back wall of the interior space
are illuminated. The illuminated figures included Ramesses II and Amon however
Ptah, God of the Underworld, was placed in such a way that he could never be
illuminated no matter the time of year.

The Ancient Mayan monument is El Castillo, also
known as the Temple of Kukulkan, and built sometime between the 20th
century BC and 16th century BC in Yucatán, Guatemala. The building
was also a dedication to the Mayan deity Kukulkan, a feathered serpent. El
Castillo is a four-sided pyramid, each side composed of 91 steps, the topmost
step taking the number of steps to 365 which is the number of days in a year. Abu-Simbel
and El Castilllo incorporate light in similar ways; at two specific times in
the year, the summer and winter equinox, the sun would cause the north-west
most corner of the temple to cast a shadow against the side of the structure,
depicting a feathered serpent descending down the side of the pyramid.Another structure that incorporates light would be the 17 Arch bridge near the Pailou Gates at the Summer Palace in Beijing. The sun causes each archway to cast a golden glow across the surrounding water, bathing the scene with golden light.

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