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The paper will consider gang violence as the community health problem requiring a collaborative approach to a community plan. Over the last few decades, gang violence has been recognized as among the most challenging health affecting a significant proportion of citizens. The trends within gang violence are particularly strange and worrying among the teenagers. Statistics show that about “20 percent of teenagers” are in gangs under the age of 18 (Michael Mincey, 2012). The affected groups and generations are anticipated to suffer from an array of long-term health problems due to gang violence such as injuries, drug abuse, and high-risk sexual activities. Usually those who are in this situation also come across many broken families who strive to survive, yet usually end up in the wrong path with experiencing mental health, chronic stress, which later can lead to chronic diseases. To prevent this, I will be talking about the ways to commence and address this health challenge. By achieving the goal to reduce gang violence it will be challenging with having to think about the costs, resources, and inspiring others to join the movement. The main purpose is to pinpoint possible partners that would be involved in this movement as a community towards gang violence.

Potential Partners in a Community Action

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At-Risk Youth and Gang Prevention

At-Risk Youth and Gang prevention is an American governmental organization dedicated to giving a voice to the individuals affected by gang violence while aiming to give them a better living situation as well. They focus on youth living situation because sometimes kids turn to violence because they do not know better or never were taught. I believe that Gang Violence action plan would be an ideal partner and would be usedl through its education, advocacy and support services that are offered. The organization’s sites include Cleveland, Ohio, Los Angeles, California, Tampa, Florida, Rochester, and New York. There address, and telephone contact is U.S. Department of Justice Task Force for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Office of the Deputy Attorney General 950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 25030 and you can call at (202) 514-2987 or Fax to (202) 616-9627 and finally email [email protected] respectively. The organization’s website is

2.      Police Department of Newark

The Police Department of Newark is another US government agency that is concerned for the protection and health of all the citizens residing within the community. They are ideal and capable of providing the protection needed to help the community without using much of the resources since they are being paid already to protect all of us. The Department’s address is 480 Clinton Avenue Newark, NJ 07108 and (973) 733-6007, which is a toll-free telephone line. The Departments’ Website is

3.      D.A.R.E.

Which was started during 1983, It is a comprehensive K-12 education program which taught in thousands of schools in America and 52 other countries for more than 30 years. D.A.R.E. which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education curricula which address drugs, violence, bullying, internet safety, and other risky circumstances that today are too often a part of a young person’s lives. The organization’s address and telephone contact are P.O. Box 512090 Los Angeles, CA 90051-0090 and (800) 223-DARE. The organization’s website is

4.      Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative

The Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative is a program which takes a different approach by aiming to reduce gang involvement and violence. Which a more efficient entity, responsive to the needs of researchers, practitioners, and the public. With the help of researching they can find better ways to reduce gang involvement and violence. The website features the latest research about gangs; of evidence-based, anti-gang programs and other resources which help in developing and executing effective community-based gang prevention. The organizations’ address and contact are National Gang Center P.O. Box 12729 Tallahassee, FL 32317 and (850) 385-0600. Their website is

5.      G.R.E.A.T.

Nowadays everything is through technology so one of the many ways to prevent gang violence is to teach the families and children through an online program, such a G.R.E.A.T. which stands for Gang Resistance Education and Training. Which was built around school-based, law enforcement course of studies. The program is deliberate to reduce and eventually one day defeating against delinquency, youth violence. There address, and contact information is Institute for Intergovernmental Research P.O. Box 12729 Tallahassee, FL 32317-2729 and (800) 726-7070 and you may also email them at [email protected] There website is

6.      Michelle LA-Vaughn Robinson Obama, First Lady of the United States

As a huge successful public figure, Michelle Obama can be extremely valuable for our movement. With providing the best influence and awareness on gang violence in which affect millions of youths, she can help assemble the required funds. Michelle Obama can be contacted through the White House website or her twitter which is @MichelleObama.

7.      Tea after Twelve

Is an organization slowly transitioning over to the US where gang members turn to art. To help prevent the spread of gang violence Bogo-Art brings art into poor parts of a city such as Newark helping gang members turn their artwork and put them on city buildings in which they get massive recognition in return. There email address to contact for more information is at [email protected] There website is

8.      Home-Boy Industries

Homeboy was started by Father Greg Boyle in 1988 to answer the need for employment and educational opportunities amongst the youth. The main goal is to help former gang members alter their lives and becoming contributing members of their families and our community. It is one of the largest and most successful gang interventions, rehab and reentry program in the world. There services also include case management, tattoo removal, employment services, legal services, high school, and curriculum and education. The organizations address, and contact information is HOMEBOY Industries 130 W. Bruno St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 and (323) 526-1254. There Website is

9.      Win-Gate Wilderness Therapy

Win-Gate Wilderness Therapy is a nation-leading program for troubled teens from New Jersey, providing them treatment and recovery with long-term results. Wing-Gate embraces a unique approach wherein every adolescent is treated with respect and empathy and focus is placed not so much on their past mistakes but upon moving past them. Each adolescent is made to feel of valuable about themselves and to finding there true understanding about who they are.  With taking troubled teens away from their normal surrounding to taking them camps, wilderness programs, and substance abuse treatment programs for teens. Those under the ages of 18 must have parental signature to be in this program. To contact this organization, you may call (800) 560-1599 or email them at their site on

10.  Reality Check

Reality Check is a program designed, not so much as “Scared Straight” the tv approach, but a face-to-face experience with prisoners who explain within their own presentations about how they ended up in prison because of bad decision making; usually it is from the influence of others. After a whole tour showing them how they would have to use the bathrooms, and what you will be eating and how you can eat, you are later confronted by actual inmates.  Usually it leaves a huge impact in a young adult’s mind. You may contact them directly on