The According to The star online news,The According to The star online news,

The meaning of the word “halal”, sometimes
spelled as “hallal” or “halaal”, can be interpreted as permissible or allowed.
In Islamic law, it means lawful. It is often being applied on foods and drinks.
So, halal food means it is permissible food and drinks. The antonym to halal is
haram, which means unlawful or forbidden. (hfaadmin, 2016) For example, Muslims
are only allowed to consume halal meat.

Lots of halal food
product has been exported to many countries such as China and Qatar. According
to the New Straits Time, Malaysia is now able to export halal food to Japan.
Japan has been confirmed to be the latest country to import Malaysian halal
food product in 2014 while Chiba will be the main entry for those export products.
About 1,800 Aeon hypermarkets in Japan will display and sell Malaysia Halal
food product. According to Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk
Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, he has stated the objective for those export product,
which is those halal food products were not only meant for Muslims in Japan,
but also their mass market.

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According to The star
online news, it has been reported that Malaysian exporters have the intention
and had tried very hard to aggressively penetrate the Japanese halal market,
especially in their food field, as the country is hosting for the 2020
Olympics. Moreover, according to the chairman of Malaysia External Trade
Development Corporation (MATRADE), Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad, she said that
local exporters can gain good business prospects and more business
opportunities with the 127 million population
country, Japan. She also stated that in year 2016, with RM120.26 billion, Japan
has managed to be Malaysia’s 4th largest trading partner. Dr Noraini
even gave a statement “Although Japan is the toughest
market to enter but once you are able to penetrate it, it would be like a
passport to the world,” (Ahmad, 2017)
All these shows how Malaysian respects
Japan market and the strong intention to penetrate the market.

According to Borneo post online news, due to a
rising demand of halal food, there
is an increasing trend in the export of Malaysia’s halal products to Japan over
the years. Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad states that Malaysia
has exported RM2.18 billion worth of product in year 2014 and the value
increased to RM2.21 billion in year 2015. Meanwhile, Malaysia has already exported
products amounting to RM1.7 billion in only 9 months, from Jan to Sept 2016.
According to all these figures, we can easily tell that it is a truth that
there is a rising exports to Japan. This is
because of the increasing Muslim travellers to the country, which is known as
the “Land of The Rising Sun”. Moreover, as
Japan is hosting the 2020 Olympic in Tokyo, Japan expects over 20 millions of
visitors, including over one million of muslims. There will also be lots of
muslims sportsmen participate in the Olympic. This will also increase the
demand of halal food in Japan. Japan
External Trade Organisation Managing Director Akira Kajita also stated that he is
looking foward and hope that both countries can collaborate more in the future
especially in the halal food segment.