The all the necessary information to evaluateThe all the necessary information to evaluate

The business plan is a map that will guide your company. Therefore, gather all the necessary information to evaluate a business and the general guidelines to start it up. Presenting this plan is essential to seek financing, partners or investors and serves as a guide for those in charge of the company.  Depending on the dimension of the project, the implementation of the plan may take a few days or several months, since it is not just a question of writing a document but of imagining and testing a whole logical structure. While the financial and economic aspects are fundamental, a business plan should not be limited to economic calculations and numbers. The quantitative information must be based on strategic, commercial, operations and human resources proposals. It is proven that businesses with written plans are more likely to succeed. This fact justifies the expense and the work of drawing this map. The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), developed its guide to developing a business plan. And here it presents the eight key benefits. 1. It helps to clarify and focus on the goals and objectives of the business. 2. Help coordinate the different factors of a business that are necessary for success. 3. It allows confronting the ideas with the reality because the dynamics of the plan forces to consider all the relevant factors of the business, without forgetting any. 4. It is a handy tool to achieve the adhesion of critical elements of the business: investors, suppliers, management team, etc.  5. It is a schedule of activities that allows coordinating the performance of tasks according to a fixed plan. 6. It is a tool for modeling the business that allows working with flexibility in the organization, by offering the possibility of making changes when some of the business factors experience variations. 7. It is a control instrument that allows detecting deviations from the original plan, as well as evaluating the progress of the project and adjusting the program based on partial results. 8. It is a point of reference for plans for new projects that appear as the business evolves.Control your business from anywhere and at any timeThanks to mobile devices and apps any entrepreneur can be aware of everything that happens with your company and be connected to it from anywhere at any time, thus increasing efficiency, sales and the impact of your business and reducing the costs associated with it.Everything will depend on the needs and objectives that you want to cover with the creation of the app by the company, since each business is a world, and different functionalities may be needed depending on the type of activity, the tasks that you want to carry out with the app, the kind of products and services and a long, etc.About us:In the process of realization of this document, the environment of the business activity is interpreted, and the results that will be obtained when acting on it in a certain way are evaluated. The variables involved in the project are defined, and the optimal allocation of resources is decided to put it into operation.