The allows other businesses to target theseThe allows other businesses to target these

motivations for the partnership between SWR and Citymapper are to allow the
application to provide another complimentary service for the users. Citymapper
a digital service provider with real time transport information will update the
current application and have a section that provides users to choose what
carriage to board depending on availability, putting the customer in charge.

the most important activity is to have service fulfilment, getting customers
from A to B. Application development and support are an important factor for
Citymapper, as the application has to always be up to date with the latest
technology because it is providing real time information and supporting users
when needed.  

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Every customer’s relationship is different because you
can customise the application to a home and work destination allowing there to
be personalisation. The application also shows the users other possible forms
of transportation to their destination for example, cycling, bus rides and
walking.  The most important customers are the commuters
that use the service daily like students and tourists. The customers are very
valuable to both businesses and so this application will allow both customer
needs and wants to be satisfied.

resources require customer data that will be passed on to App store, this
allows other businesses to target these people, depending on the input of
information. $600 billion is spent annually to target potential customers using
personal location.

doesn’t need physical resources to succeed because it is an application. Citymapper
uses public data from transport authorities to give users the fastest or
cheapest way to get somewhere, with the option of public transport routes,
cycling and Uber journeys.

is free and have no significant revenues. Venture capital investment is made to
the application by big businesses, this helps recruitment to drive
international expansion, develop the application and build more partnerships, which
become a significant revenue stream. The distribution channels of the application
will allow it to grow even further, this partnership will be reviewed on the application
store, which ultimately will bring in more users.

The application
will be available for download via App store and other forms of online
application markets. The customers will be reached if there is a delay or any
other problems via the application, this will update them on real time
information, this will be done depending on each individual as the GPS allows
them to know what area is effected by what. Word of mouth has been essential to
getting Citymapper on the market, once users interact with the application they
understand why it was rated so highly on the market, thus making them the strongest

development will be the highest cost in the business as it will have to be up
to the fast-moving technological trends of 2017. Communication is another cost
to the business as well as support and training for the employees.

the product to the new users will also be a cost as encouraging customers to
download the application to help the ease of their journey, compared to what
they are used to will be a challenge as people are persistent to change.

and SWR joint venture will allow the cost structure to be much lower as there
will already be a platform available. The revenue will be generated by the number of downloads
and active users and conversion
as well as the railway stations being set for the destination as home or work. By
2040 the investment programme will be complete.

December 2017 will see the start of the innovation; this
process will take 18 months to set up. In order to avoid risks and competitors
we will ensure to give the best customer service and on time trains Until the
new investment programme is complete.