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                                                The Most Beneficial Time of DaySleep is the natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of thebody are restored. During sleep, the body is nearly unresponsive to its voluntary muscles, surroundings, and sensory activity. Sleep is a necessary life function, therefore there are consequences to its absence. Symptoms such as sleep deprivation, slowed reaction time, and loss of focus can occur after a night’s rest cut short. Continuing these habits can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. While many effects of sleep are sub sequential, they also occur while you are resting. Sleep is important because it improves the immune system, recharges the heart and cardiovascular system, and influences mood.Sleep plays a part in our everyday lives by strengthening the immune system. While you sleep your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, which improve sleep and are needed during times of stress. The body also produces infection fighting antibodies and cells. Decrease in sleep can interfere with these functions, and make the body more susceptible to falling ill. In order to keep a strong immune system, teenagers need about nine to ten hours of sleep, while adults need about seven to eight hours per night. The link between sleep and mental and physical health is abundant, therefore all systems need to be taken care of.Sleep allows the body to regenerate for the next day. While you sleep, the body decreases its blood pressure and heart rate, allowing the body to reduce the amount of stress on itself. Sleep loss can result in an increase of blood pressure and CRP, C-relative protein, production. Elevated CRP release increases the possibility of cardiovascular and heart disease. Additionally, lack of sleep can also increase insulin resistance, which is another risk factor for heart disease.Mood is a temporary state of mind that can be influenced by several factors, including sleep. If one is too wound up or anxious before going to sleep, their nights rest can be affected. One night alone with sleep loss can cause fatigue, irritability, or lack of motivation. Partial sleep deprivation is also a risk. Someone who experiences this is often upset, angry, or sad, while a healthy person would have a good well being.Sleep is crucial because of the great it has influence it has over the body’s systems and functions. Getting the amount of rest the body needs to be able to sustain itself to the fullest, is something people often neglect. Sleep has an effect on our entire body’s inside and out, therefore it