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The historical act of the world
transcendence was carried out with the Independence of the thirteen Colonies on
July 4, 1776, according to which the Colonies achieved independence signing the
declaration of independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson, the one that establishes
a true philosophy of freedom. In this declaration, it is held that all men are
born equally by God’s work that deliberates fundamental rights among which are
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. According to the article The Declaration of Independence: The Words
Heard Around the World, the independence of the United States caused the
ideas of freedom to be expressed and expanded around the world; this historical
fact had universal repercussion since it was not only felt in the French Revolution,
but it was also a living example for the Emancipation of the Colonies of South
America, such as: Argentina, Chile, New Granada, Venezuela, Bolivia, Quito, and
Peru. The French Revolution, in 1789, took the same ideal of freedom to the
detriment of the monarchy, in addition to the ideals of equality and fraternity
among men, inspired by the philosophical and intellectual movement of the

The impact was created because, for the first
time, a colony was emancipated and demonstrated the success of the Republican
and Constitutional Government. As we can see, history shows us how the act of
independence of the 13 colonies had also awakened the desire for freedom of the
colonies of Central and South America of the Spanish oppression. The
independence of the United States showed that it was possible for the colonized
territories to be liberated from the European oppression. The American nation
was a point of reference for many Latin American leaders. After achieving
independence, many of the former Spanish colonies were inspired by the
political organization of the United States to build their states.

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