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The word “Alien” came from the mid 14’s which meant
“Strange”, and “Foreign” from old French. Aliens are extra-terrestrial beings,
that were believed throughout the times to exist and lived outside our Planet,
Earth. They are also believed to have lived long time ago, long before humans
existed in this planet. Many theories and occurrence have been written
throughout the ages that aliens had visited this planet and had done many
interactions with humans themselves, including sightings, even abductions. Many
of these were sighted some in person, and some inside “ships” that is called
U.F.O, standing for Unidentified Flying
Objects. Humans had a lot of proofs and tragedies of having interactions,
also of seeing weird flying objects with glowing lights that no known aircraft
or anything else can do. Some in intense speed, some in intense stability.
Either so, many of these interactions are believed to be proof of the existence
of aliens.

As thousands of interactions and sightings were reported,
there was also a lot of propagandas. Not all people believed that these so
called “Outsiders” exists, not even real. As a human, we all have rights to
trust what we want to trust, to fear what we want to fear. But, we also have
rights to think logical. All the sightings of aliens/UFO’s came from a long
time ago, even at the time of Ancient Egypt Writings, that became popular so
quickly and was named “Tulli Papyrus”.
It is a text that describes in detailed about very huge UFO sightings that
occurred over ancient Egypt during the lead of Thutmosis III. Even though a lot
of this is still a theory, but we cannot deny the fact that there are too much
of a theory and proofs already to make this as a daydream myth, because even
though we cannot make sure about its existence yet, but the history have
recorded too much of this, even from the beginning of ancient Egypt writings.
It is a lot of effort and time-consuming to think that if it is just a myth, a
lot of sides that had qualified source, had written about ancient sightings
even ranging from BCE until now, and is continuing the research upon this. As
in example, the first sightings of UFO in America, dating on March-1-1639,
quoting “During the 1600s, Puritans in
New England spotted more than just witches flying through the skies. Hundreds
of years before Area 51 and Project Blue Book, Massachusetts Bay Colony founder
John Winthrop detailed instances of unidentified flying objects in the heavens
above seventeenth-century Boston in the first recorded UFO sightings in America.”.
As in modern age sightings, we can take an example from a case at 21st
century, dating 2001-07-15, located at Carteret, New Jersey, “At least 15 people, including 2 police
officers, stopped their cars along the New Jersey Turnpike to view light
formations in the night sky.” More sightings can be taken as it goes
through second milenial BCE until 21st century, which is now.

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Besides sightings and occurrence, which one cannot
really prove the existence of Aliens, there are also sites that the authorities
have placed as a research ground for such case. For example, Area 51, owned by
U.S Federal Government, located at Lincoln County, Nevada is a site that was
speculated with a purpose of testing experimental aircrafts and weapon systems.
All activities around it is a top secret/sensitive compartmented information,
that is no publicly opened by the government. It means, ranging in that area,
no unauthorized civilians should be hanging around or they will face the risks.
There are lots of conspiracy theories about the place, as civilians from all
around had seen sightings of UFO’s around the place. Not just sightings, it is
also mentioned to be storage, examinations of crashed Alien Spacecraft,
manufacturing of alien technologies and stuffs like that. All this theory did
not come from nowhere, as there are lots of source that relates everything into
the place. There are also some people who claimed to have worked on a sector in
Area 51 and was placed on working for developing an Alien Spacecraft. A lot of
this came in some very obvious ones, as there were a lot of people during the
sightings when it occurred.

Even though there is already a lot of proofs,
theories and research sites that all leads to the truth behind Aliens, it is
still currently a theory as there are no solid proofs of it being introduced to
humans. A theory, is a theory. It is still not a fact, that aliens do exist, as
many high-ranking people that most likely to know this first tend to cover
things up before exposing it to public. Things like this would have such huge
effects into the era of humanity, and would change the world. That is why
having the knowledge of responsibility is very important on the case of Aliens
and UFOs. Still, by so many sightings that were written within the books of
history, it is such proof enough to know that their presence is there. Logical
thinking can be applied, as this very wide universe, could not only have humans
in a planet living inside it. If so, why are there so many galaxies and planets
outside ours? What  could possibly become
their purpose of existence, if no one else beside us living on it? Is it just
for us researching it and get smarter day by day? A lot of proofs can be found
within the files and throughout the webs, and as familiar as everyone about the
word “Alien” or “UFO”. Till then, until we know their purpose of living, made
contact, and any other interactions that would lead to better knowledge, humans
should be better to keep their attention set and ready, as important as to be prepared
for anything.