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The world, in case you haven’t noticed, has undergone and still is going through a massive revolution in communication technology, and technology in general.It was only 25 years ago when the mobile phone was the size of a brick, had no display, an extremely limited coverage and there were only few who owned. Nowadays, however, the usage and ownership of a mobile phone have increased exponentially, so much so, that owning a mobile phone has become a social norm, and now even 8-year-olds are starting to be given a smartphone when even some adults had not owned one in their lifetime.You could say the same for ICT and its wide use in many companies to improve work productivity and to remove unnecessary jobs.There are many key factors as to why ICT is useful in Businesses but to understand these points, we must first understand what ICT is.ICT or Information & Communication Technology is another term for IT(Information Technology) which stresses the role of ‘Unified communications done by using a large scope of technology used to handle the following; telecommunications,broadcast media, intelligent building management systems, audiovisual processing and transmission systems and network-based control and monitoring functions, all of which, help and improve work style.One of the Key factors as to why Businesses should incorporate ICT into their format would be as ICT, enables contact with the digital world which is not only necessary to be able to communicate with the consumers to better understand them, but also to be able to conduct work in places other than the office and still be able to get feedback, be able to transfer documents and acquire documents in real time without having to go to a specific place(This also allows for businesses to employ workers in other countries/cities without having to bring the employees to the office).ICT also makes it much easier on a supervisors ability to check his/her employees work and as mentioned before, will also allow a said supervisor to provide feedback without having to meet with the employees in real time.ICT also renders many ‘old fashioned’ methods and jobs obsolete or unnecessary. The concept of the photocopier is the first of many that come to mind.With the implementation of ICT, printers can be directly send information to photocopy as long as the printer has access to the ‘digital’ world(Though photocopying may not exactly be needed in the first place except for important contracts and etc, as one could just email a document with a click of a button to a person of the other party).Overall, however, the main way ICT will help a business, is with proper selection on which software/hardware to be used as each individual piece of technology