The and more people are making life-changingThe and more people are making life-changing

The idea of being transgender has been around for centuries, but as we enter into the twenty-first century, more and more people are making life-changing decisions and becoming transgender.  Some people are against anyone who is transgender or in the LGBTQ, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, community; some claim it is against their religion and others simply do not like and/or understand the idea of being transgender.  With the help of modern technology, our world is more advanced than it ever has been; this also means surgeries have become available to those who are transgender to alter their bodies to their preferred gender.  Being transgender does not give people the right to be discriminated for their choice of bathrooms; anyone has the right to choose which bathroom they prefer to use based on their choice of gender.  Yes, transgender people should be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice because your gender at birth does not define who you are.    The definition of being transgender is a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond with their birth sex.  Basically saying, a transgender person is someone who has changed their gender from their birth gender because they feel as though they are the other gender mentally and want to represent themselves on the outside.  Before this time, many people were shunned for being transgender; because of our changed thoughts, many more people have come to accept and some have begun to fight for transgender rights.  Although, some people still claim it is against their religion and refuse to accept the idea of changing your gender.  You do not have to be transgender to still care and/or fight for their rights. The Bathroom Bill is a law passed by some states that requires transgender people to use the bathroom of their birth gender. This law was passed successfully by 16 states, but many more tried  to pass this bill as well.  The bathroom bill causing transgender people to feel less equal.  This bill could also make people not want to become transgender for the fear that they will have to be put in awkward situations at school, their job, etc.  The Bathroom Bill is not a good thing because it causes people who are transgender the inability to express themselves through their gender.  (Kralik). Another major issue with the Bathroom Bill is both discrimination and segregation.  The definition of discrimination is a judgement or treatment on people or things, especially on race, gender, or age; this applies to the Bathroom Bill because in schools the bill could cause other students to look down upon their transgender peers or possibly begin to bully them.  Segregation is the action of setting someone apart from another group of people because of their differences; this relates to the bill because the bill causes segregation among students and transgender students.  The Bathroom Bill should be outlawed because it is unfair to people who are trying to find themselves and setting them apart from everyone else is making them feel worse about being themselves.  (Kallingal) Landon is an average fourteen year old student; although, like everyone, he has his differences.  Landon is transgender, he was born a female but has decided to change himself to male to reflect his mental image of himself.  Upon coming out to his school they told him that he needed to use the nurse’s restroom and was not allowed to use the guy’s bathroom; because of this, Landon became upset at how his school would not let him be truly himself.  Although, there are many transgender students who are treated like this, it does not make it okay to discriminate a student like that.  (Teeman).