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The effects of LSD can last for up to 12 hours. There are many symptoms that come along
with the use of LSD. Some of these short term physical effects can include, dilated pupils,
sweating and chills, loss of appetite or ability to hold food down, sleepiness/fatigue, as well as
dry mouth. You can also have an increased or decreased body temperature that can affect your
heart rate, as well as possibly be fatal. The short term effects on your mental health are mental
hallucinations, delusions, euphoria, impaired depth perception and time perception. More
dangerous short term effects are panic attacks, moderate to severe depression, fear of losing
control and high level of fear in general. The long term effects however are a lot worse. For
effects on the body, you can have recurrence of hallucinations which invokes high panic and
stress. You will up your dose each time you use because you will be building more tolerance to
the drug. Heart failure is a huge long term effect because it hurts your everyday life and you will
struggle with physical effects as well as your mental addiction to the drug. Impaired judgement
can also get you killed. Mentally speaking, you can have vivid flashbacks and dramatic mood
swings which will affect your personal relationships. The effects don’t outweigh the good feeling
from the drug, it’s pointless to use and have to live with these everyday.

A few interesting facts about lsd shows that it is the only psychedelic drug that is active at the
microgram level, making it the strongest psychedelic that is available. Eight percent of high
school seniors in the United States used lsd at least once in their life, four percent in the past
year. The area that is affected the most is prominently shown in the cerebral cortex and locus
ceruleus. A lot of users also say it can be beneficial and that it shows them what “life” is really
like and that some of them get more creative when they’re on it. A person on lsd has a far higher
chance of getting in an accident or accidentally killing themselves because they see things that

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aren’t really there. Those interesting facts show why some people are for lsd and some are
extremely against it.