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The above image is an advertisement for Coca Cola. When I first looked
at this image, the bottle of coke immediately caught my eye. The high-quality
image makes the bottle stand out, the visual appeal shows the clear water on
the bottle to emphasize its cold and refreshing.
The shape of the bottle and logo colouring, instantly identifies it as
Coca Cola, this would immediately attract its target audience because when they
see this advertisement they will instantly know what they’re trying to sell.

The signifier includes a white/grey backdrop, a classic bottle of coke
horizontally situated in the centre of composition and red text saying ‘open
happiness’. While a clearly simple advertisement, the combination of the text
and image tells an insight into the values of the targeted consumer.

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The only colours featured are red, white and black. These are consistent
with other advertisements made by Coca Cola, which keeps with their style of a
simplicity feel. The colour red in particular, suggests passionate, fun and
love, mainly in this advertisement its suggesting passionate about drinking
coca cola. The large red text reading ‘open happiness’ is making the target
audience aware of the satisfaction you receive by highlighting its positivity
and happiness. The creative approach in this
advert is its simplicity. Its promoting a strong message in a simple way. The
coloured font are the same colours that are on the bottle itself which
continues to stay consistent.

Coca Cola is a carbonated soft drink with loads of sugars making it very
unhealthy, however the text and image signifies a refreshing burst of
happiness, joy and the energy you get. The image shows that customers are the
spirit of whatever coke does by focusing upon the bottle. The advertisement
would attract its target audience because its bold and captivating. The target
audience for this image would be aimed to everyone, although the key consumers
are ranged from young children to teenagers. The purpose of this advertisement
is to persuade people through emotional approach to buy a coke when they have
the opportunity. It also persuades customers by convincing them that happiness
is related with drinking coke and it focuses on fulfilling customer needs.

The overall composition of the image is very simple which is easily
remembered. The vibrant red catches peoples’
attention, especially when the background is all white with nothing else to
distract people with.

In conclusion this advertisement’s message is about
spreading happiness to others and about raising customer spirit. By doing this,
they are trying to bring people together regardless of who they are. It’s about
sharing happiness and positivity with others. I personally think that this is a
very powerful and captivating piece of advertising because it successfully
persuades the public to purchase their product.