The averse to change, the organisation isThe averse to change, the organisation is

The United Nations, a successor of the even more diabolical League of Nations, was incepted in 1945 with 51 members and now has 193. Since 1945, major powers today have evolved from being colonies of European powers to being engines of globalisation. India being one of them. But the UNGA has failed to accept the rise and even overlooked the need to accommodate the emerging nations’ aspirations.The UNSC permanent members, they better be called the bullies, are the ones operating an authoritarian regime. The humanitarian assault in Libya by the US, yet another misadventure of the US in Iraq to restore “human rights” have made the Middle East a crescent of crisis. These infamous acts were done right under the nose of the so-called Security Council.China building Air Defence Installation in the South China Sea, Russia’s Crimean assault further speak of how helpless the organisation is.The organisation does not want to expand its security council which would actually prevent more wars in the name of human rights.Even the IMF, a primarily US funded body, diluted its quota rights of powerhouses like the US and Canada this year to bring India, China, Russia and Brazil in the top 10. But the UN won’t budge.Apart from being averse to change, the organisation is not a supporter of democratic decision since most of its decisions are not unanimous. The UN convention 1267 on extremism has failed miserably since countries like France, the US differentiates between the “good” terrorists and the “bad” terrorists. Looks like they need another 11 September for an eye-opener. India’s efforts to pass the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT)- convention that allows extradition of global terrorists- have been thwarted owing to the bigotry of UNSC.The organisation has failed and will continue to languish if it does not decentralise power and act against the big wees. A law, after all, is as good as it is administered.