“The Award in 2013, the Man Booker“The Award in 2013, the Man Booker

“The Lowland” published
in 2013 is Lahiri’s second novel after “The Namesake” and is considered to be
her fourth book. It is a multi–generational tale that stretches almost
five decades between Tollygunge and Rhode Island. Jhumpa Lahiri in this novel
deals with migration, dislocation and relocation, the consequences of
displacements and cross cultural encounters. The Pultizer award winner
novelist, has brought out Post-Colonial concerns of identity and culture in”The
Lowland” and the novel was shortlisted for the National Book Award in 2013, the
Man Booker Prize 2013and the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for fiction 2014. The Lowland, was partially inspired
by real-world political events

Lahiri writes in
American English with Indian flavor.  She
finds out the complex cultural encounter and shifts along with emotional
imbalance and relationship between parents and children, lovers, siblings,
husband and wife and determination of identity in general. Jhumpa Lahiri
intends to foreground this newness of women?s identity caught in the
dichotomies of acculturation and dissociation. Partially inspired by a true
story Lahiri had heard growing up; the work initially looks at two brothers,
one involved in India’s Naxalite movement of the 1960s and the other choosing a
researcher’s life in the States. The death of one sibling causes reverberations
through the ensuing years.

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The story revolves
around the lives of brother Subash Mitra and Udayan Mitra, their choices and
their fate. Born just a little more than a year apart, they were often mistaken
for each other. But they are opposites, with gravely different futures ahead.
Udayan went to study physics and he became friends with some members of the
Marxist students. Soon Udayan in attraction to the movement started cutting classes,
visiting slums and even went organizing a strike in his college. Udayan falls
in love with a young girl Gauri and marries her without the consent of his