The Barretto National High School. It heldThe Barretto National High School. It held

The National Reading Month Celebration, approved by
the Division English Coordinator and Division Office Superintendent, was
conducted on November 20 – December 1, 2017 at Barretto National High School.
It held programs to culminate the celebration and to achieve its objectives
which are to rekindle the interest of Senior High School students in reading
through enrichment activities; to promote reading as a shared activity among
youth, families and educators; and to advocate reading as a social as well as
solitary activity.

The organizers, Ms. Alpha Grace Balois and Mrs. Mirany
Echon, invited the Senior High School students and teachers to participate in
the celebration of National Reading Month.  

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The first activity was the Readathon wherein the
participants from both Academic and Technical-Vocational tracks basically read
over a set period of time to determine the best readers among the students of
Barretto Senior High School. The contest proper was held in TVL – HE classroom
on November 20 participated in by the best reader from each class. The winners
were Vivien Alexis Mozota of Grade 11 HUMSS, Joanna Ramirez of Grade 11 ABM and
Earl Adrian Abdon of Grade 11 TVL-HE.

 The Literary
Quiz Bee was held in Grade 11 ABM classroom on November 23. Ms. Balois gave the
mechanics and criteria of the contest. During the contest proper, the Quiz
Masters were the Language teachers, Ms. Balois and Mrs. Echon. Scores for each
strand were posted on the board for public view. There were three members for
each team. Nine teams participated in the said activity. The contest ended with
the announcement of the top 3 winners: 1st Place Vallerie Balones,
Jennyvieve Balones and Rosalinda Ejon of Grade 12 HUMSS; 2nd Place Richelle
Tan, Chrizsalyn Colas and Mary Joy Cayubit of Grade 12 ABM; and 3rd
Place Ryan Justin Fruto, Roland Ocampo and Desiree Inocencio of Grade 11 HUMSS.

Class advisers and students were also tasked to create
the most stimulating and functional reading corners which are aimed at
encouraging students to read for pleasure. Students had been buzzing with ideas
to transform spaces in their classes to create reading corners. Korean,
Butterfly, Garden, Fairies, and other fantasy themed corners were created. The
Search for the Best and Most Functional Reading Corners was held on Friday,
November 24. Two Junior High School teachers, Mr.  Jerome Bodionganon and Ms. Rose Castañeda together
with the Grade 11 curriculum adviser, Mr. Romnick Seguiban, were invited to
judge the reading corners and to choose the best ones. The winners were Grade
11 TVL-HE, Grade 11 HUMSS and Grade 11 ABM.

The culminating activity was held on December 1, 2017.
The program started with the parade of Wear-What-You-Read participants. They
flaunted their creative costumes as they portrayed their favorite book
characters. The program was formally opened by the singing of the National
Anthem, followed by the prayer, Awit ng Rehiyon III and Himno ng Olongapo. Mr.
Edmundo Banagan, Senior High School Coordinator, welcomed the participants,
students and teachers. Ms. Balois also highlighted the benefits gained from
reading for pleasure. Ryan Justin Fruto of Grade 11 HUMSS and Mikee del Rosario
of Grade 11 ABM were the masters of ceremony. The audience was entertained by
the contest and presentation of the Wear-What-You-Read participants. The
winners were Trixie Caballa of Grade 11 TVL-HE, Joy Baldos of Grade 11 ABM and
Roselyn Pabulayan of Grade 11 HUMSS. The most awaited part of the program was
the awarding of winners facilitated by the project proponents, Ms. Balois and
Mrs. Echon. The winners were awarded with medals and certificates. The program
ended by the closing remarks and gratitude from Mrs. Mirany Echon who has
instilled in the minds of the students to continue seeing reading as not just a
requirement but as a habit as well. 

Senior High School teachers and students assessed the overall
rating of the activity through an evaluation form which they accomplished on
the last day of the celebration. They graded the overall activity as “Very
Good’ or 4.14. They assessed the facilities as “Good” or 3.71. They agreed that
some of the rooms were not spacious to hold a particular activity. They also
graded activity design and student participation as both “Very Good” with mean
scores 4.19 and 4.14. They also assessed the planning and preparedness
including the receiving expected information form the organizers as “Very Good”
with mean score 4.4.