The basic human instinct that we allThe basic human instinct that we all

The cellist Of Sarajevo- Critical response What ideas does the creator of the text suggest to you about humanity and the will to survive?   The desire to to survive is a basic human instinct that we all possess. In times of danger compassion and empathy amongst human being is usually evident, people will risk their lives to ensure the safety of those in danger especially when the ones who are in danger are family and friends. When faced with these kinds of technicalities it’s not likely that individuals will give up, when your life is one the line you will most likely work to the fullest extent to ensure your safety. People want to ensure that they spend as much time of this earth as possible. In the the novel written by Steven Galloway, The Cellist of Sarajevo, the civilians are challenged with the constant struggle of surviving, due to the ongoing civil war. Civilians are faced with the possibility of getting shot and killed or injured, and by the constant factor that they will eventually run out of resources such as food and water in result of the war. We see the characters of the novel reclaim their humanity. With war comes dramatic changes in day to day life, readers of the novel get the chance to dive into the lives of three main characters who  are faced with psychological and physical, circumstances.    Arrow, who works in the town of Sarajevo as a sniper shooter in order to protect her city and its people, gives up her identity and carefree self in order to become a weapon of war. Though she never saw herself as the type to be a killer, she was chosen to fulfill  this role and went through with it. Dragan, another character who had to adjust his life, makes his way through the deadly streets to feed himself with a warm meal. Dragan has to mentally prepare himself with the possibility of being struck with a sniper on his daily journey to work. As a result of sending his family to Italy to protect them from the war and choosing to stray away from his past friendships, Dragan is faced with isolation and the psychological issues that come with it. Meanwhile Keenan, travels miles to provide his family and his elderly neighbour with food and clean water. Keenan has found himself consumed with the constant worry of his family being in danger. Although he keeps his family locked inside away from the bullets and bombs and the chaos going on outside, he resents the fact that his children are not being able to live a normal life and experience an innocent childhood.Throughout their journey, the characters realize that their humanity needs to be reclaimed in order to mentally survive. When Arrow is ordered to target innocent Civilians instead of soldiers on the opposing military in the war, she finds herself leaving Sarajevo and abandoning her position as a sniper, knowing that her life is possibly in danger for desertion. Dragan found himself profoundly lonely,  because he chose to focus on his physical well being rather than his emotional well being. After witnessing an old friend get wounded, Dragan realizes there’s such limited time on earth and anyone is at risk of dying, and reconnects with that old friend that he earlier isolated himself from.  Keenan, on the other hand chooses to continue to provide his elderly neighbor with water, instead of shutting anyone out anyone who isn’t immediate family.Galloway provides evidence that war is not only a physical attack on a persons safety but also a psychological one upon one’s humanity.  Endurance, resiliency and empathy are tactics used by the characters in order to survive. Though the characters fail to achieve the ideals of traditional heroism and deal with moral failure, they soon restore their humanity as the the war continues. Despite being a minor part of the story, the cellist inspires and motivates the civilians of Sarajevo to reconnect with their humanity in order to recover from the war. The author brilliantly  threads these three stories together to tell one significant story as a whole. Due to moral humanity and the will to survive these characters were able to achieve true heroism