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“The average woman goes on 61 diets in her lifetime”, but is it really worth all the time, money, and attention she gives up for it? “The truth is that 90% of diets aren’t even successful” and you end up gaining all the weight you were meant to lose. Think about it, is a diet helping or hurting you? The immense pressure of diets causes excessive stress towards your well being and  leads to you believing that you are overweight. “I despise the word diet.” (Stevens) because it has many negative effects on your health, your social life and your body image. To begin with, I am certain that diets do nothing for your health and maybe even make it worse. First of all, diets cause everyone to think that you can’t have ANY fat and you can’t have ANY calories, however, you still need these nutrients to live, so you can’t cut everything out. This can be unhealthy because without any calories you’ll be exhausted and have no energy, you need to moderate so you can be healthy, and make sure you are still eating. In addition to this, diets are causing people to starve themselves and this can be extremely fatal. Believe it or not, if you starve yourself you’ll even gain more weight, this is because your body is producing fat it thinks you need as a result of you not eating. This defeats your entire goal, so there is no point in depriving yourself of something you need to be alive. Furthermore, diets can cause an extreme amount of tension in one’s brain. Everyone is always dreading diets, you will always hear “oh I have to go on a diet” or “ugh I’ll just start my diet tomorrow” this isn’t good. This is an unhealthy process for your mind because “Within two weeks, 25% of Americans will give up on their weight loss goals.” (HRF 2014) this is because of the anxiety it causes. Diets are so stressful that people think they have to force themselves to do things, that isn’t the case, you should do what your mind tells you. If you don’t let yourself have any treats or pleasure, this will affect your happiness making you feel like you’re a robot, your life will be miserable, being healthy in your mentality is very much better than being skinny on the outside. In conclusion, diets can cause ill health and do not have any benefits for you.”Thinking of going on a diet? Well, there goes your social life.”(Hartley 2016), your social life can be greatly affected by committing to a unpleasant diet. To start off, when people go on diets, they won’t want to go out and socialize with friends or family because they are thinking way to much about what they can or cannot eat, or what will have a negative effect on their body. Whether it’s cocktails at a club or steak at a restaurant, they will be stressing about it all night. It’s hard to have fun when all that’s circling your mind is how you have to follow your diet. Additionally, it is difficult for a person to enjoy people’s company such as at a birthday party, when you are pressuring yourself into not having that cupcake. You’re not appreciating other people’s precious company, but instead ignoring the love and focusing on your dreadful diet.”Everyone is enjoying the great food and you’re there with a serious look on your face informing everyone that you have to watch what you eat.”(Writer 2015) As well, you are even now annoying your friends about how you can’t eat certain things or else you’ll be “fat”, this is ruining your friendships just because you’re stressing about a diet that probably isn’t even necessary. It is also likely that you will become antisocial and isolate yourself but “isolation increases the risk of premature death by 14%.”(Hartley 2016) dieting can cause all of these horrible things. Therefore, going on an undesirable diet will negatively affect your social life. “35% of “occasional dieters” progress into pathological dieting, (disordered eating) and as many as 25%, advance to full-blown eating disorders”(Monte Nido) (use for body image paragraph)