The betterment of life which may resultThe betterment of life which may result


The harmful and annoying level of sound in an environment is
noise pollution. It cause harm to both health and behavior. It results to
severe disease like hypertension, loss of hearing, sleep disturbance, etc. The
street traffic sounds from cars, buses, ambulances, construction sounds like
drilling or other machinery in operation, constant loud music, generators are
the sources of noise pollution. Not only human being it cause effect to the
wildlife and sea creatures like whale who depends on hearing to orient
themselves, feed and communicate. Sound is measured in Decibels (dB).

           According to
WHO, sound level less than 70dB are not damaging to living organisms. But
exposure more than 8 hours to constant noise beyond 85dB may be hazardous.
There is no medicine to cure hearing loss prevention to overt exposure is only
the alternative. The most undesirable side effects of improperly planned
industrialization is the pollution of our environment and consequent
degradation of the quality of life. It is an environmental problem in many
rapidly urbanizing areas. This problem is properly not recognized despite the
fact that it is steadily growing in developing countries like Nepal. Noise is a
potential hazard to health, communication and enjoyment of social life. It is
becoming an unjustifiable interference and imposition upon human comfort,
health and quality of modem life.

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was an important station for trucks and buses traveling from Kathmandu to China
and vice versa as the trade route to Tibet and the town. Population density of Banepa is about
2,846 persons/km2; there are more than 3295 registered motor vehicles in Banepa
at present. (Murthy, 2007) This study was
carried out to evaluate the environmental noise pollution in Banepa valley due
to traffic noise. Very high environmental noise levels due to traffic of
vehicles were observed during the study causing disturbance and even some
health problems. After the findings the level of noise pollution is too high
which should be urgently set up for the betterment of life which may result
into severe health problems. The reason of measuring the noise levels firstly
to reflect the maintenance levels of the vehicles prevalent in the area and
secondly was to have an estimate of its individual contribution to the
environmental noise. Home, school, colleges are rapidly built near main roads
without adequate sound proofing. Sound pollution has become major environmental
problems that are harming health in day to day life. The purpose to do research is to find
out the impact on human work efficiency due to road traffic parameters,
different noise indices like buses, cars, industries, and parties. It helps to
study the existing status of noise levels in the study area by recording the
noise intensity at various locations and found, maximum in Banepa.

       From the survey and findings it is evident
that road traffic noise affects human work efficiency at Government Offices
Private Organizations, and Commercial Business Centers beside the busy main
roads. (Bhattacharya, 2012)Since we know
that noise emitting from the vehicles, industries, parties, speakers, fire
crackers, people living near to airport area, music concerts are the source or
the cause of sound pollution. Main demerit is it can damage the ear. It can
cause due to loud or medium sound depending upon the age of the person. The small
children ears are sensitive they cannot tolerate the large sound which may
result to the loss of hearing even in the medium noise as comparatively to the
adult ones. But it effects to the people of every age groups. It causes headache
which ultimately results into difficulty in sleeping. Prolonged exposure to
noise pollution increases the risk of heart disease where death may occur. It increases
stress which leads to psychological disturbance where we have noticed the
tolerance level is low in places having loud sounds but the degree of annoyance
is higher. It may cause dementia which means short term memory loss which changes
mood and difficulty in failing sense of direction. Not only are human being it
effects to the animals too that sensitive to sounds which causes problem for
the survival. It is expressed in terms of fear, increased aggression and changes
in normal physiological or body functions.

     For the protection
one should care for them themselves. Awareness program should be conducted to
aware the people about the harms and effects to the people of residential area
near to the source of sound. Use of headphones, earplugs at high volume should
be avoided. Little symptoms regarding the ear should be checked up immediately to
prevent from dangerous to be occurred. Schools, colleges, institutions, offices
should be made far from the source to prevent from it. Silencers should be in
automobiles so that it reduces noise. The old machines should lubricated so
that it cannot produce much sound then before. As we know that our population
is increasing day by day. People’s needs and demands are increasing day by day
for the fulfillment they are damaging the natural resources. Tress which helps
in amplifying the sound are cut down which have resulted into the excessive
noise pollution. So plantation should be in practice. Importance of tress
should be imparted to the uneducated people. Human ear is very delicate part.
In the inner year there are nerves which are affected by the continuous sound
which result into loss of hearing. If this is affected it cannot be regenerated
or recurred. So people should realize about the importance of the hearing.
For the eradication government
should make strict rules and regulation and should be implemented by the

        So the people of
Banepa are suffering a lot. Many research have been done regarding this but the
maximum sound pollution was found in Banepa. Large number of vehicles run over
there. It is the main route for Tibet and china for trucks to supply goods. If
this happens for upcoming more years people cannot leave over there. Many heart
diseases, loss of hearing occurs, people become irritating. So to control the
noise pollution use of large number of vehicles should be slowly removed.
Plantation should be done overall for the amplification. Government should play
an important role by making strict rules and regulation and should be implemented
by the people. The
environmental noise level was directly coming from the bus park which was
measured to have an idea of the main source of noise to the entire surroundings
of Bus Park of Banepa. After the research it can be inferred that there is an
urgent need to set up noise standards not only in the Banepa but in the country
to control the noise. It concluded after the study that hearing loss and health
survey is warranted. Use of earphones, earplugs should be minimized. Large volume
songs should be avoided which causes effect mostly to the children. Plantation
should be done. Residential area should be far from the sound source to prevent
from loss of hearing. So government should be active and make their best effort
to reduce the noise pollution in Banepa not only here to all the parts of country.














Bhattacharya, D. P. (2012). Effect of Road Traffic Noise
Pollution on Human Work Efficiency. 9 pages.



Babita Aryal

                 UN number: 18417145

                                                                                         Date: 1-30-2018