The book because it talks about howThe book because it talks about how

tittle of the is Things Fall Apart
and the author’s name is Chinua

book report is about the life of Okonkwo, a man who became very successful
after people had believed that he would never since his father was not a
successful person.

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like this book because it talks about how people get successful in life even
when others try to make them think that they can never be that person in a
positive way.















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Setting and Time


This time of this story
is considered to have occurred in the 19th century.

story took place in Umuofia and Milano villages of the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. Umuofia
was a great village and where they fought many great wars. Umuofia was a
beautiful place. In Umuofia, they had many farms and the people sleep in hots
with bamboos beds.

















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Main Character


The main character
in the story is Okonkwo. Okonkwo was tall and huge, and he had bushy eyebrows
and his nose was wide. Okonkwo the main character has the following important

1)      Hardworking:
Okonkwo had always been working since he was a boy and he believes in working
for himself to earn his living.


2)      Strong:
Okonkwo was very strong, and he beat one of the greatest wrestlers. He was also
as strong as making his own farm.


3)      Respect:
Okonkwo shows respect towards elders even in the village even if he had
position that were higher than the position they had.













The Conflict


character in the story was faced with several conflicts but below are three
main conflict identified in the story.

1)      Character
against nature- For example, Okonkwo was faced with the fact that his second
wife’s children were all Ogbanje (evil children).


2)      Character
against another- For example, Okonkwo has problem with his father because his
father was a lazy man.

3)    Character
against himself- For example Okonkwo regrets his decision in killing Enoch, a boy
who believes in God and wanted all the villagers to do the same













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The Main Event


was a fight between Okonkwo and one of the greatest wrestlers by the name of
Amalinze the cat. The fight was won by Okonkwo. For this reason, there was
seven-day and seven-night feast in his village. During the feast, there were
lot of drum beating and they play flutes throughout the day.

event was about a boy named Enoch who tries convincing the villagers to become
Christians. In the event of spreading the words of God, Enoch was involved in
conflict with the traditional devil who passed a law that nobody should be seen
outside at the time the traditional devil was having a feast. The failure of
Enoch to obey these instructions led to the death of one of the devil’s son.
This act was considered a serious crime. Because of this situation, the mother
devil decided to torment the village.


There was a time
that the village traditional news carrier came out with another musical
instrumentalist. They came out and play all night long and no one knew why they
were playing. For that no one came out, everybody was scare.








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The Conclusion


author’s purpose in writing this book is to persuade the readers about
situation in which some people believe that it is not possible for someone to
succeed like Okonkwo because his father was not successful.

author is also trying to inform us how Christianity was rejected by the people
of Umuofia. They rejected   Christianity because they believe in the gods
of the land.

we as children are not taking care of by parents. So, we ought to have the mind
to say   that even when our parents don’t
want to attend to us we can still accomplish our goals in life.

 I would like to recommend this book to a
classmate because I want them to know how others  make it in life even if they are not being
taken care of by their parents.











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Achebe, C., 1959. Thanks Fall
Apart. 1st ed. New York : Anchor Books.