The brand was bought by Asa GriggsThe brand was bought by Asa Griggs

The history of the Coca-Cola Company began in
1886 when a pharmacist called John Pemberton invented its flagship product. In
1889, the Coca-Cola formula and brand was bought by Asa Griggs Candler. In
1892, he incorporated the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta. Nowadays, this company is
an American multinational beverage company. It is in the same time the
manufacturer, the retailer and, the marketer of non-alcoholic beverage

Today, with operation in over 200 countries; Coca-Cola
has been the number one selling soft drink brand with 1.7 billion servings per

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The company follows a unique supply chain
management system where the Coca-Cola company only produces syrup concentrate
which is then sold to various bottler around the world. This distribution
system is organized into six geographic operating departments: Africa, Pacific,
North America, Latin America, Asia and, Union European. This unique supply
chain dates since 1889. In North America, the Coca-Cola company own its bottler
called: Coca-Cola Refreshment. Once the concentrates have been delivered to the
bottlers, they mix it with other ingredients like water, sugar, and fizz to
create the finished product. Moreover, in each department, we have a couple of
warehouses which distribute the final product to retailers, vending machines,
or restaurants.